Wartburg College and the University of Iowa Law School have joined forces for the 3+3 Program.  The program allows a junior at Wartburg to apply for admission to Iowa Law’s Juris Doctor (JD) Program.  If admitted to Iowa Law, the students would not attend Wartburg for their senior year.  Instead, they would attend Iowa Law as a first year student and would satisfy the remaining requirements for their Wartburg degree if they successfully completed their first year of law school.  If they did not successfully complete their first year, they could return to Wartburg to fulfill whatever requirements remained.

The Iowa Law School and Wartburg have always had close ties and this further solidifies our special relationship. In addition to attracting highly motivated and qualified students to Wartburg, this program would allow students to complete their education in six years instead of seven.

Wartburg: A Distinctive Experience

A stong liberal arts foundation that makes students competitive in the field.

Develop critical thinking, written, and oral communication skills.

Excellent preparation for law school admissions/exams.

A successful track record of success in military, corporate law, criminal prosecutioon and defense, and more.

Program Contact
Karen Thalacker ’88
Magistrate Judge

Abhay Nadipuram

“I was able to do a lot of different things that helped me grow personally and professionally. I sang in a choir, played varsity tennis, was student body president, and led a service trip. I also spent a summer in Washington, D.C., interning for a U.S. Senator thanks to the help of my political science professors. All of these experiences helped taught me what it was really like to ‘lead a life of leadership and service,’ which I think is helpful in my career and life today.”

Abhay Nadipuram ’10
Political Science, Wartburg College
Juris Doctor, University of Iowa
Vice President, Government Relations and Legal Counsel at the Iowa Hospital Association