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Goal setting is probably something you already do naturally, but it’s worth spending time learning how to set effective, SMART goals that can help you maximize academic success and achieve other life ambitions.

The following resources provide tips on how to recall more information from your lectures through active listening and purposeful note taking.

These resources are designed to help you understand reading as an activity and help you become a more efficient and effective reader.

Below are some useful tips and strategies to help you with your studying.

Apps: Mind Shift | Study Blue

Time is one of our most important resources. Effective time management is a skill most people need to make the most out of their personal and professional lives. To a college student, it can make the difference between a mediocre and a superior performance.

According to the Mayo Clinic, stress management allows you to reset your alarm system. It can help your mind and body adapt (resilience). Without it, your body might always be on high alert. Over time, chronic stress can lead to serious health problems.