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Session Submission Instructions:

  1. Complete Session Form
  2. Download Participant Sheet (Excel)
  3. Email Participant Sheet to janeen.stewart@wartburg.edu
  4. Download Poster Submission Information (DOC)

All human and animal research must have approval from HARRC. Click here for more information.


This spring, Wartburg College will dedicate a day recognizing student and faculty achievements in and out of the classroom. Research, Internship, and Creative Endeavor (RICE) Day on Thursday, April 9, will showcase academic and co-curricular pursuits across disciplines. To enable participation by the entire campus community throughout the day and evening, classes will not meet.

RICE Day is designed to:

  • create a campus culture that celebrates academic excellence and rigor,
  • foster awareness of and appreciation for a wide variety of student learning,
  • provide a platform for students and faculty to share their knowledge and work,
  • inspire and educate the campus community, alumni, friends, and the general public.

RICE Day activities will include poster sessions, oral and video presentations, readings, panel discussions, displays, art exhibits, and music performances. RICE Day supports several goals of the college’s strategic plan, lifting up the importance of deep and integrative learning experiences, vocational discernment, mentoring relationships, and telling the Wartburg story.

Questions about RICE Day should be directed to Janeen Stewart, assistant to the president at 319-352-8331. Hotel information can be found at: http://www.wartburg.edu/visitors/hotels.aspx.

| 2014 Program | Wartburg Logo | Creating a Poster in PowerPoint (PDF)


2015 Schedule is in preparation

Important Dates:

  • Friday, Jan. 30 - RICE DAY deadline for submission of session title/format/time/location/# students
  • Friday, Feb. 27 - RICE DAY deadline for submission of all participant names and specific session schedule
  • Friday, March 20 - RICE DAY deadline for RICE Committee to submit Program for printing.
  • Thursday, April 2, 4 p.m. - RICE DAY deadline for submission of posters for RICE Day printing. No posters will be accepted after this day. Please do try to get them in earlier.
  • Thursday, April 9 - RICE DAY.