Engineering Science

The engineering science program is committed to improving engineering profession and its practice by helping students acquire fundamental scientific and technical knowledge; an understanding of the ethical, global, and societal dimensions of the profession; and skills in communication, critical thinking, team building, and self-training.

The Engineering Science program is part of the Chemistry and Engineering Science Department.

Options After Graduation
Upon graduation, you will find that you will be well-positioned to choose between industrial employment and graduate study. Students who have chosen to go to industry have taken positions in design, research, development, technical sales, or as field engineers. Students following this path are encouraged to minor in fields such as business, art, English, or communication arts.

Some of our graduates choose to get Master’s degrees within an engineering specialty. Recent graduates have gone on to complete graduate study in aerospace, chemical, civil, construction, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Graduate-school bound students are encouraged to minor in biology, chemistry, physics or computer science - depending on their intended area of specialization. All Wartburg engineers are strongly encouraged to minor in mathematics.