Diversity Statement 
The Wartburg College community is committed to creating and maintaining a mutually respectful environment that recognizes and celebrates diversity among all students, faculty, and staff. Wartburg values human differences as an asset, works to sustain a culture that reflects the interests, contributions, and perspectives of members of diverse groups; and delivers educational programming to meet the needs of diverse audiences. We also seek to instill those values, understandings and skills to encourage leadership and service in a global multicultural society.

Nondiscrimination Policy
Wartburg College does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, genetics, sex, creed, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability in employment, programs, or benefits.

Diversity at Wartburg

Wartburg students come from 28 U.S. states and 56 countries (including the USA)

162 U.S. students of color and 132 international students comprise 19% of total enrollment

Wartburg has more than 25 Christian denominations and eight world religions represented on campus.

The Wartburg Alliance (LGBTQIA) organization is one of the most active on campus. Wartburg has been ranked a 4.5 out of 5 stars on the national CampusPride Climate Index.


The Multicultural Student Services Office develops and promotes multicultural programming and activities to help all students understand and appreciate differences. The director promotes academic success by providing academic guidance, personal support, cultural resources and leadership opportunities to enhance the educational experience and facilitate the academic and personal growth of American ethnic students. The department recognizes the richness of diversity as a part of the Wartburg College experience and assists with the promoting of diverse ideas, cultures, and opportunities that support student success. 

In addition to our Multicultural Student Services Office, several college committees and organizations work to promote an inclusive campus community. Among those are the:

Multicultural Diversity Studies Committee, a standing committee of the faculty that monitors and evaluates outcomes of educational programs related to multiculturalism and diversity. The committee also makes recommendations on policies and procedures regarding the college’s efforts to promote all aspects of multicultural and diversity studies.

Community Response Team, which works to ensure meaningful, timely, and transparent responses to incidents of bias that impact the campus community. The team, created by the Diversity and Inclusion Council, was formed in fall 2017 and meets when needed to discuss events that threaten the Wartburg campus culture. Regular reports are posted as needed to reflect how incidents are handled by the college.

Diversity Committee, embedded in the Wartburg College Student Senate structure. The committee works to further diversity on campus through a close relationship with diverse groups and is chaired by the executive assistant to diversity.

Diversity and Inclusion Council, which serves to advance the college’s goals regarding diversity and inclusion. The council, chaired by Krystal Madlock, is responsible for the Co-Curricular Diversity and Inclusion Plan. The plan outlines the college’s top priorities related to diversity and inclusion, including ensuring diverse and inclusive perspectives and concerns are included in institutional level decision making; increasing the number of faculty, staff, and administrator diversity champions; and enhancing inclusivity in the campus climate champions.

Special interest groups and clubs, like the Asian Student Association, Black Student Union, Spanish and Latin Student Association (SALSA), International Club, and Alliance, support diverse students and perspectives and are open to all Wartburg College students. Annual multicultural programs include early orientation, Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration and Day of Service, Gayla Week, and Culture Week.


The purpose of Alliance is to provide a supportive and accepting environment for students, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, and to educate and provide resources to the Wartburg community to encourage open discussion about diverse issues pertaining to sexuality. The group seeks to generate awareness about LGBT issues and advocate for more inclusive environments on campus, locally, and nationally. Alliance is open to all members of the Wartburg community. You do not need to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender to participate in Alliance. VISIT OUR WEBSITE >>

BSU is a political, social & educational organization whose main purpose is to express and support black perspective throughout campus life. BSU shall create awareness & stimulate an appreciation of Black American’s contributions to our culture and society. The objectives of BSU are to promote unity and cooperative interaction between students, faculty and staff. It is also the goal of BSU to increase community awareness of, and sensitivity to the needs and concerns of Black Americans on the local, national and international level. If you are interested in joining BSU, e-mail krystal.madlock@wartburg.edu.

The International Club is the International Student Body of Wartburg College and is the largest student organization at Wartburg College, with a membership of over 400 people which includes both internationals and Americans. Membership of the International Club is open to all students and members of the faculty, staff, and also residents of the Waverly/Shell Rock community. VIEW OUR WEBSITE >>


Campus Director: Dr. LeAnn Faidley, assistant professor for engineering science 

Peer Mentors: The IINspire @ Wartburg program awards 5 semester stipends of $1000 to students who serve as peer mentors.  These upper class American-ethnic students assist the campus director in mentoring other students and planning and arranging programming to encourage success and retention of American-ethnic students in the STEM fields at Wartburg. Applications for peer mentors are due on Dec. 15 and May 1 for the following semesters.  Please complete the application form at the link below.  Contact Dr. LeAnn Faidley with any questions.

Programs and Activities: IINSPIRE @ Wartburg sponsors a variety of programs and activities to enhance the success and retention of American-Ethnic students in STEM fields at Wartburg.  Upcoming activities include:

  • Mentoring programs with peers, faculty, and alumni
  • Career building workshops
  • Research opportunities
  • Study groups for common classes
  • Social events
  • Study skill workshops
  • And more

Pre-Orientation Bridge Program: The goals of the program are to create a community of incoming American-Ethnic students in the STEM fields and to introduce these students to our peer mentors and science faculty members and various other programs and offices that will serve as resources while they are on campus.  Participation in this program is free of charge and participants will receive a $50 stipend for books in the fall semester.  Please see the tentative schedule (PDF) or contact Dr. LeAnn leann.faidley@wartburg.edu for more information. 

Pre-Orientation Bridge Program RSVP

The IINspire Alliance involves 16 state, private, and community colleges in Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska who work together to broaden the participation of underrepresented minorities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education the Midwest.  In particular addressing the need to remove the barriers impeding student progress and success in STEM fields before education and workforce disparities widen. More information about the Alliance and Alliance activities can be found at the IINspire website.

The Iowa Illinois Nebraska STEM Partnership for Innovation in Research and Education (IINspire) project is a part of the LSAMP (Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation) program funded by the National Science Foundation under award number HRD-1102461.


The International Student Programs Office, Saemann Student Center 185, provides services to international students and seeks to promote global understanding through campus, intercollegiate, and community outreach.  The primary role of the International Student Programs Office is immigration advising to ensure that foreign nationals maintain proper immigration status with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and compliance operations for Wartburg College.  The office also provides a new international student orientation, material support, and advising on employment, Social Security, health insurance, and cross-cultural communication.  Additionally, the office coordinates the Friendship Family program, which pairs local families with international students, and Global Connections, a student-led initiative to increase cultural competence on Wartburg’s campus through peer-mentoring programs and more. 


Culture Week is an annual tradition where international students provide a glimpse of life in their countries.







* Based on a 2013 alumni survey.


Wartburg’s ethnically and internationally diverse faculty and staff are great resources for our community. At Wartburg, we recognize diversity isn’t always visible so we encourage our entire community to learn about and celebrate the rich diversity of all types we have on our campus.  

Joyce Boss

Professor of English; Co-Director, Multicultural and Diversity Studies

Krystal Madlock

Director of Multicultural Student Services

Zafrul Amin

Director of International Student Services Office

Ieshia Brown

Coordinator for Academic & Multicultural Student Services

Jay Garaycochea

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Tamrat W. Gashaw

Assistant Professor of Economics

Shaheen Munir

Professor of Psychology

Marcus Newsom

Assistant Athletic Director; Head Coach, Men’s and Women’s Track; Diversity Issues Coordinator

Fernando Penate-Chavez

Admissions Counselor

José Reyes-Tomassini

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Maryam Rod Szabo

Assistant Professor of Education

Erica Sadler

Human Resources & Payroll Assistant

Kunihiko Terasawa

Assistant Professor in World Religions

Jesse Thomas

Area Coordinator for Clinton/Founders

Additional Faculty & Staff

Elisa Holmes
Financial Services & Collections Coordinator
Business Office

Chantel Sisk
Assistant Controller
Business Office