The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) supports & encourages students, staff and faculty in the development, coordination and evaluation of external relationships that are effective for student learning and vocational development, advance public scholarship and benefit community partners.

CCE Office Hours
Regular Hours: M-F 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Summer Hours: M-F 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
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Location: Saemann Student Center, Student Life Suite

President's Honor Roll - Community Service

Community Partnerships

Waverly Health Center: Through this partnership with the Waverly Health Center (WHC), Wartburg pre-med biology majors volunteer 30 hours at WHC during their sophomore year. After completing this requirement, they shadow physicians in general surgery, OB/GYN, emergency room and family practice during their junior year. This program gives Wartburg students a leg up as they apply to medical school and provides WHC with much needed volunteer support. For more information please contact Jo Dorrance.

Civic Scholars: The Civic Scholars Program consists of people from local businesses, non-profit agencies, and other individuals who would like to share their experiences in their work and lives with the Wartburg community. Civic Scholars exists as a resource for Wartburg faculty, staff, and student groups to bring in speakers to talk to their classes and groups and learn from community members.

Community Builders: Community Builders is an ongoing collaborative experiential learning project, under the auspices of the Leadership Institute and Education Department, in which Wartburg College students work with youth and senior citizens to meet the mutually reciprocal needs of all those involved. The purpose of this project is to use the assets of community members with different backgrounds and skills to build and strengthen the community they share.


Employers are highly selective about whom they hire. Most managers prefer to hire graduates who bring real–world experience to their organization. Internships do more than just look good on your resume. You can test–drive the career path that interests you most. You can build a network of professional and personal contacts; develop the skills employers are seeking; and build confidence, motivation and professional work habits you need to excel. Ultimately, an internship can get your foot in the door with major companies or influential organizations. At Wartburg, internships, field experiences, and job shadowing are encouraged in most majors. More than 60 percent of our alumni report having completed an internship (for academic credit or non-credit) during their four years.

Sample Internship Sites


Wartburg College Service Trips are dedicated to providing opportunities that actively engage participants with communities through service, reflection and learning. Our vision is to inspire participants to create social change by leading lives of continual learning and service.

The Wartburg Service Trips program recognizes that service trips are only deemed successful if the impact of the experience reaches beyond the week of direct service. Given that, our goal is that participants will share what they have learned with others and be inspired to work towards social action in their own communities upon their return. Our intent is that students’ personal investment in their service projects (through research, hands on experience and reflection) will transform their thinking and create a life long commitment to service and the public good. By keeping service trips student-centered and directed, participants become actively involved in the entire process.

Statistics featured in this video are from student participants of service trips.

96.8% reported they learned something new about themselves
85.1% were made aware of their own prejudices and biases
94.6% reported an increased empathy for others
90.4% increased understanding of different cultural perspectives
97.8% learned something they could not in the classroom
88.2% were more likely to serve in their local community
82.8% connected their service and their vocation


Wartburg College has sent 1572 volunteers 181,154 miles to volunteer more than 60,000 hours of service! We have volunteered in 98 cities in 31 states and 5 countries! That's a value of  $961,200 contributed back to communities!



Kristin Teig Torres

Director of Community Engagement

Jo Dorrance

Internship and Wartburg West Coordinator