Kristin Teig Torres

Director of Student Leadership, Service, and Engagement

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More about Kristin Teig Torres

Kristin Teig Torres, MA, Director of Student Leadership, Service, and Engagement, earned a bachelor’s degree in communications/theatre arts and an master’s degree in philanthropy and nonprofit development from the University of Northern Iowa. Prior to coming to Wartburg, she worked at Allen College facilitating alumni and student life events and activities. At Allen College, she also taught a course on service-learning and directed activities for the Anne Christensen Doyle Center for Engagement, Learning and Leadership. Kristin serves as adviser for Knights Who Serve and Service Trips campus organizations and works closely with faculty and community partners to advance service-learning initiatives at Wartburg College. She serves as a Board Member for the Ross A. Nielsen/Alumni & Friends of Malcolm Price Laboratory School and the Cedar Falls Community Theatre. She also serves on the local Beyond Pink TEAM’s Advocacy Committee, advancing the mission and goals of the National Breast Cancer Coalition. Her family includes her husband Travis and two children, Jack and Ava.
Leadership grows from a deep point within – treating others with respect. Taking students from an introspective look at their strengths, personality traits, and values to foster a leader who will adapt to any given situation is the grassroots of leadership development. Learning about leadership styles utilizing in-depth study of those who have already shown the world their capabilities or inabilities to lead will give students a rich knowledge base of what active citizenship entails. Taking time to personally reflect on their own lives, students will begin to see their own leadership styles emerge. I believe everyone has the ability to be a leader, show respect, empathy, and truly make a positive difference in our world.