Founded in 1898, the Wartburg College Concert Bands program is comprised of two ensembles —the Wind Ensemble and the Symphonic Band. Placement in the groups is determined by a yearly audition. Both groups represent students of all class standings and nearly all academic majors. The bands present joint and individual concerts throughout the year. Many of its 150 members are also involved in other music groups on campus, ranging from choirs to jazz bands, from campus ministry to student government.

The Symphonic Band celebrates its 20th anniversary during the 2017-18 academic year.  The ensemble performs several on-campus concerts throughout the year in addition to performances around the community and represents students of all class standings and academic majors on campus. Prominent composers Samuel Hazo, Cory McBride, and Jared Barnes have collaborated with the Symphonic Band while guest conductors Dr. Bruce Ammann and Dr. Bruce Gleason along with soloists Susan Rider (trumpet) and Dominique Cawley (flute) have performed with the ensemble in recent years.

Audition Materials

2017-18 MEMBERS

Natalie Dudley
Megan Russell
Kelly Worm-Beneke
Rebekah Corson
AnnElise Ender
Sara Young
Jessica Sydnes
Haley Bielenberg
Laura LaBrie
Hayley Senne
Olivia Klaas
Jaki Dembouski
Abree Wojta
Lillian Even
Silvia Oakland
Elizabeth Sheets
Kellie Nordquist 

Kale Myers

Sadie Short
Nicole Johnson
Jacque Batz

Eliott Kuchera
Natalie Kalvik
Mitch Ohl
Grace Pistek
Alex Hohensee
Cambria Jacobs
Kelsi Halvorson
Bailey Strait
Alicia Urbain

Bass Clarinet
Allison Birnbaum

Alto Saxophone
Hailey Franzen
Alexa Schmitz
Ajith Nathan
Taylor Guthrie
Jenna Brannaman
Grant Pahl
Elissa Shipp 
Hannah Haverkamp
Amelia Hansen

Tenor Saxophone
Bridget Schaufenbuel 
Noah Solheim
Kennedy Hiles
Kyle Hoffman

Baritone Saxophone
Sydney Warner
Sara Jorgenson

Luke Beisner
Ethan Pruisman
Allison Hesse
Jason Niccolls 
Carter Shaull
Jennifer McLain
Andrea Hesse
Rob Gomez 

AJ Borroz
Kayla Kruse
Jenna Laird
Logan Merley

Hannah Gartner
Matthew Ohl
Kayla Phelps
Claire Blake
Dominic Hanson
Courtney Stucker
Paul Jordan

John Krull
Trey Hookham
Andrew Hart
Jacob Raine

Harlie Jacobsen
Colin Jacobs
Melissa Meyer
Rich Scheffel

James Goetz
Luke Everhardt
Emily Grav
Jamie Flanegan
Tyler Amick
Shilah Stroud


Scott Muntefering

Associate Professor of Music Education / Eugene and Ruth Weidler Drape Distinguished Professor in Music