Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018

The Wartburg Science Symposium is a one-day workshop designed to give science- and math-oriented high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to pursue, in depth, specific areas in contemporary science, engineering, and psychology. Each workshop, led by Wartburg College faculty or a team of clinical laboratory scientists from ASCLS-IA, consists of six to 12 students and the instructor. The structure is informal and encourages close interpersonal contacts. Each student participates in only one workshop. Through interacting with other students and professors, students are exposed to the activities of other members of the symposium. Student participants are encouraged to share their experiences and newly gained knowledge with their high school teachers and students after the symposium, and should feel free to interact further with professors and other symposium student participants.

Some high school seniors may qualify to participate in a Knights Priority Scholarship Day, one of which is being held the day after the symposium.All Science Symposium application materials must be received no later than Oct. 26, 2018. These include:

  1. Completed application, available only online from this website below.
  2. Official high school transcript showing grade point average, class rank, and ACT/SAT scores. Workshop assignments will be emailed to attendees in early November.

For more information: J. Keith McClung | Phone: 319 352 8554 | Email: keith.mcclung@wartburg.edu

Science Symposium

Admissions Office
319-352-8264 or 1-800-772-2085
E-mail: admissions@wartburg.edu

Honor Scholarships: Up to $1,500 per year!

All high school seniors participating in the Symposium are eligible for the scholarships. Wartburg faculty members select the award winners based upon the following criteria:

  1. Evidence of outstanding scholarship in the sciences and mathematics (grade point average, class rank, and ACT/SAT scores);
  2. Participation in the Symposium, including a writing sample.

Applicants will be notified of the award within six weeks following the Symposium. Students interested in careers in health professions, science, mathematics, computer science, engineering, and psychology are encouraged to apply. Wartburg College will award Science Symposium Honor Scholarships up to $1,500 per year for a total up to $6,000 while the recipient is enrolled at Wartburg. The Honor Scholarship students must take one introductory science/math course during the first year, and a grade point average of 3.00 is required for renewal of all honor scholarships at Wartburg College.

2018 Workshops

  • Environmental Science: Dr. Golay and Dr. McCullough
  • Microbiology: Dr. Storlie
  • Genetics: Dr.Toering Peters
  • Science of the Egg: Dr. Bechtel
  • Engineering: Dr. Faidley
  • Neuroscience: Dr. Larimer and Dr. Garaycochea
  • Clinical Lab: Dr. Fruehling
  • Mathematics: Dr. Birgen
  • Mrs. Washburn’s Infertility (Physiology): Dr. Westen