Orange Connection

What is the Orange Connection?
The Orange Connection is a career mentoring experience designed to allow you to connect and/or “shadow” with Wartburg alumni who have specific knowledge about an occupation or career in which you are interested in.  We call these career exploration mentors.

You will travel over Tour Week with approximately 14 other students to Des Moines or Chicago to observe responsibilities and tasks associated with your mentor’s position.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the knowledge, skills, talents, and level of education required for the job as well.  While the purpose of the Orange Connection is to gather career-related information and expand your network, it also allows you to build your interviewing skills, become aware of trends in the field, and see workforce technologies in action.

Why should I participate in the Orange Connection program?
Participating in the Orange Connection will:

  • Help you discover information about potential majors and minors here at Wartburg, as well as gaining insight on certain careers.
  • Allow you to experience working and living in a large metropolitan area.
  • Provide you with tips to successfully balance your future career and family.
  • Allow alumni to share their Wartburg experience with you and how instrumental it was in their life.

What will it cost to participate in the program?
If accepted into the program, you agree to pay the $50 Orange Connection program fee.  This fee helps offset some of the costs associated with this program.  As a member of the program, all lodging and most meals will be provided during the trip.  If the student participant withdraws from the program, the student will be charged a withdrawal fee of $100.  This information will be discussed in greater detail in pre-departure meetings.

Where will I stay during my Orange Connection?
In addition to learning from your job shadowing mentor, you will have the opportunity to learn how to live a balanced life.  During your home stay with an alumnus/a living in Des Moines or Chicago.  Often times these conversations will lead to discussions about how Wartburg helped shape their life experiences while gaining an understanding of what life will be like after graduating from Wartburg.

How do I apply to participate in the program?
To apply for the Orange Connection program, you will need to: