Endowed Chairs & Professors
Distinguished Chairs
Dr. Tamara Faux
The Tomson Family Distinguished Chair in Social Work
Held by Dr. Tamara Faux
The O. Jay and Patricia Tomson Professorship was established in 1984 through the generosity of O. Jay and Patricia Tomson and elevated to a distinguished chair in 2012
Dr. Kit Klienhans
Mike and Marge McCoy Family Distinguished
Chair in Lutheran Heritage and Mission

Held by Dr. Kathryn Kleinhans
Established in 2013 through a generous gift from Mike and Marge McCoy

Endowed Chairs
Prof. Travis Bockenstedt
R.J. McElroy Endowed Chair in Journalism and Communication

Held by Professor Travis Bockenstedt
Established in 1981 with gifts from the R. J. McElroy Trust

Dr. Roy M. Ventullo
Dr. Myrle Burk and Vera Burk Will Endowed Chair in Biology

Held by Dr. Roy M. Ventullo
Established in 1988 to honor sisters Dr. Myrle Burk and Vera Burk Will

Dr. Jennifer McBride
Board of Regents Endowed Chair in Ethics

Held by Dr. Jennifer McBride
Established in 1989 by a gift from the Wartburg College Board of Regents

Irving R. Burling Endowed Chair in Leadership

Held by Dr. Fred Waldstein
Established in 1989 through the generosity of Irving R. Burling, Century Companies of America, and CUNA Mutual Insurance

Dr. Roy M. Ventullo
Franklin I. and Irene List Saemann Endowed Chair in World Communities

Held by Dr. Peter Nash
Established in 1989 through a generous donation from the Saemann Foundation

Pastor Ramona Bouzard
Herbert and Cora Moehlmann Chaplaincy Endowed Chair

Held by Rev. Dr. Ramona Bouzard
Established in 1990 through the generosity of Chaplain F. Herbert and Cora Moehlmann and Lutheran Brotherhood

Dr. Lee Nelson
Patricia R. Zahn Endowed Chair in Choral Conducting

Held by Dr. Lee Nelson
Established in 1990 with a gift from Patricia R. Zahn

Dr. Scott Fullwiler
James A. Leach Endowed Chair in Banking and Monetary Economics

Held by Dr. Scott Fullwiler
Established in 1994 by O. Jay Tomson and community bankers

Rick Willis
Lowell J. Walker Athletics Directorship Endowed Chair

Held by Rick Willis
Established in 1999 with a gift from the Lowell J. Walker estate

Dr. Penni Pier
Grant L. Price Endowed Department Chair

Held by Dr. Penni Pier
Established in 2006 to honor the extraordinary generosity of Grant L. Price

Distinguished Endowed Professorships
Dr. Dan Black
Gary and Donna Hoover Distinguished Professorship in Engineering Science

Held by Dr. Daniel Black
Established in 2013 with a gift from Gary and Donna Hoover.

Dr. Dan Walther
Gerald R. Kleinfeld Distinguished Professorship
in German History

Held by Dr. Daniel Walther
Established in 2007 through a generous contribution from Dr. Gerald R. Kleinfeld

Dr. Scott Muntefering
Eugene and Ruth Weidler Drape Distinguished Professorship in Music Education

Held by Dr. Scott Muntefering
Established in 2014 through a generous contribution from Eugene Drape.

Endowed Professorships
Professor Gloria Campbell
Carl and Dorothy Hagemann Endowed Professorship in Business and Economics

Held by Professor Kim Folkers
Established in 1989 through the generosity of Carl and Dorothy Hagemann

Dr. Karen Black
Rudi Inselmann Endowed Professorship in Organ

Held by Dr. Karen Black
Established in 2010 with a gift from the Rudi Inselmann estate

Dr. Shawn Ellerbroek
Ralph E. Otto Endowed Professorship in Chemistry

Held by Dr. Shawn Ellerbroek
Established in 1995 through a gift from Dr. Ralph Otto, former Board of Regents member

Dr. Paula Survilla
Harry and Polly Slife Endowed Professorship in Humanities

Held by Dr. Paula Survilla
Established in 1994 to honor Harry slife, former Chair of the Board of Regents, and his wife, Polly Slife