Wartburg welcomed my enthusiasm to learn

NAME: Mya Ulrich
HOMETOWN: Waseca, Minnesota
MAJOR: Neuroscience (3+1 Program with Allen College for Nursing, BSN)

ON-CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Tri Beta Honor Society, Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, National Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi, Psi Chi, Nu Rho Psi, Volunteer Action Center, God’s Work Our Hands, Chemistry Demo Show

WHY WARTBURG: First, it was just far enough away from home where I felt I had some independence, but close enough to where I could go home if I was homesick. Secondly, I fell in love with the warm and welcoming atmosphere and small student population. Each professor knows your name and personality, you are not just a face behind a desk to them. Lastly, the discipline I was interested in was neuroscience and Wartburg offered it as a major.

HOW DID YOU DECIDE ON YOUR MAJOR: I decided on neuroscience because both of my parents have neurodegenerative diseases and over time, I have developed a passion for the field. I am enthusiastic to learn more and dive into this specialty once I graduate from nursing school. Neuroscience is still new with many unanswered questions, as the nervous system is fundamentally essential and unique, it is exciting to learn and explore. 

Mya Ulrich

WHAT TWO DISCIPLINES DID YOU INCORPORATE INTO YOUR NEUROSCIENCE DEGREE: I chose health psychology because I hoped it would tie my neuroscience background and my future nursing background in together to make me a more competent nurse, which it did! I chose a leadership class because I wanted to develop my leadership skills and learn what it means to be a leader. As a contributing member of society, it is essential to be able to engage in effective communication and work as a team. Not to mention, I got to work with adorable dogs with Retrieving Freedom!

HOW HAS WARTBURG SET YOU UP FOR SUCCESS IN YOUR FIELD: Wartburg has provided essential education about health sciences. Additionally, Wartburg has allowed me to adopt a diverse education: religion, communication, world challenges, nutritional and physical health management, and various sciences. Wartburg has welcomed my enthusiasm to learn and find real-world experiences to practice my newly gained knowledge while on campus.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: I plan to specialize in a neuroscience unit as a Registered Nurse (RN, BSN).

ADVICE FOR PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: Know what is most important to you and you alone. College is an enormous life event that will mold you into a bright adult and it is an amazing adventure. It may seem overwhelming and terrifying, no matter how prepared you feel, but this is the time to step out of your comfort zone and become more diverse in life.

WHY IS WARTBURG WORTH IT: Wartburg is Worth it because the community welcomes you and offers a positive and unique learning environment. The benefits of a small campus do not go unnoticed; it is hard to walk in the skywalks without seeing a familiar face; the professors know you personally; there is a diverse student and faculty population; courses are taught effectively and fairly; and there are countless on-campus events. Did I mention Outfly?!