The Wartburg Urban Studies Program welcomes students from Augustana College (Ill.) and Luther College.

Wartburg in Denver, Colorado 
Wartburg West is designed to give Wartburg students more experiential learning in an urban setting, where they clarify their vocational goals and values and develop personal and professional skills. Come experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

  • 100+ internships available in any major.
  • Experience the sights and sounds of the Denver metro.
  • Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to participate.

Wartburg College established the Wartburg West program in the fall of 1985. Since that time, over 1,000 students have participated in the program and the Wartburg alumni base in the Denver area has surged. Theses alumni/ae and friends have been instrumental to the success of the program.

Want to learn more?

Call 303-860-7119
or gregory.lorenz@wartburg.edu

Visit Jo Dorrance, on-campus liaison for Wartburg West, in the Center for Community Engagement.

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Academic & Lifestyle Information

Students live in Denver's historic Park Hill neighborhood on the Johnson & Wales University campus. Each room (either a double or quad) features a private bathroom, kitchenette, two desks, two chairs, two dressers, a stove/oven, and refrigerator. Lobby space and a larger communal kitchen also are available.

Food costs will vary greatly depending on shopping and eating habits. You can cook all your meals in your hall if you choose. Food costs are probably no more than a meal plan at Wartburg unless you eat out a lot, which is certainly a possibility with all the wonderful restaurants in Denver.

Transportation & Parking

Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Denver. Many students choose to bring cars to Denver, although that isn't necessary. The campus is very close to bus lines, the light rail, and Lime Bikes (which can be rented by the mile or minute).

Parking is available in a patrolled lot for students who bring a car to Denver. They should budget for gas costs (depending on the distance to their internship).


Wartburg West will help you find an internship for any major. Here are some examples of past internship sites:



At Wartburg, student/faculty interaction is encouraged. Every faculty member is dedicated to the success of each student. 

Danielle Harms

Director of Outreach & Project Development

Greg Lorenz

Urban Studies Program Director-Wartburg West