The Board of Regents of Wartburg College created a special recognition award, which is known as The Wartburg Medal. The medal is awarded by the College to recognize individuals who have provided significant service over a sustained period of time to the College.  The Wartburg Medal recipients are individuals who have a personal commitment to the College’s mission, quality, and character.  The Wartburg Medal, designed as a medallion of the College seal, is bestowed at a formal academic convocation.

The first Wartburg Medals were awarded at Opening Convocation in September 2000. The medal can be awarded to alumni, friends, and retired faculty and staff who have demonstrated a personal commitment to the College’s mission, quality, and character.

Any college employee may nominate a candidate for the Wartburg Medal.  Although present College faculty, administrators, and staff are not eligible, emeritus faculty/administrators and retired employees may be nominated.

Nominations will be reviewed by the President’s Cabinet and a recommendation for approval of the nominees will be made to the Board of Regents. A display across from the Hagemann Castle Room in the Saemann Student Center honors the recipients.

Past Recipients

Last Name First Name Year Awarded
Ackerman Ivan 2007
Anderson Maynard 2005
Brodhun Hans-Peter 2021
Cunningham ’89 Walter 2001*
Diers ‘49 Herman 2006
Drape Eugene 2011
Fredrick, Jr. ‘39 Walter 2004*
Frick Arthur 2011
Fruehling Wilmut and Marion 2008
Graven ‘53 Stanley 2002
Gremmels ’52 Robert 2014
Hafermann ‘59 Herb 2003
Hagemann ‘56 Don 2000*
Hagemann Fred ‘67 and Sue ‘69 2010
Harms Gracia 2000
Henninger Ann 2021
Hawley Kent 2012
Hertel ‘49 Dorothy 2002
Koob ‘60 Kathryn 2006
Kramer ‘52 Melvin 2002
Kurtt John ‘53 and Laurel 2001
Kurtz Harold ’58 and Grace Jahn ’61 2019
Laube ‘50 John 2003*
Lee Robert E. 2018
Levick Lewis “Buzz” 2019
Main Steve and Elaine 2016
Matthias ‘54 Ron 2003
Oppermann Deleva 2001
Price Grant 2000
Rathe Jim and Evelyn 2009
Scharlau Ed ’61 and Rennie Fiegen ’61 2020
Schemmel ‘53 Jack and Marietta 2000
Schmidt Warren 2004
Schneider Sr. Louis 2004*
Schroeder Duane 2004*
Schuchardt Günter 2021
Striepe Bill ’57 and Jan ’59 2009
Taylor Bill and Mary 2010
Tehven ’58 Jon 2014
Tomlinson ‘65 Keith 2009
Tomson OJ and Pat 2012
Trachte Larry ’66 and Lois Reyelts ’66 2016
Walker Shirley 2020
Walston Marv 2008
Waltmann ‘64 Augie 2017
Waltmann ‘56 Bill 2015
Wissink ‘50 Lorna 2005
Wolff Darold 2013
Zemke Barbara 2007