Tyler Vogel at Wartburg West

“Nothing says peaceful or adventure like a trip to the mountains.” 

– Tyler Vogel ’17

MAJOR: Biology

MINORS: Business, leadership, and social entrepreneurship

WARTBURG WEST INTERNSHIP: Denver Health Medical Center and ColoradoCare Campaign (advocating for comprehensive health care for all)

HOW DID YOU MAKE WARTBURG WEST WORK FOR YOU:  I always wanted to travel to Wartburg West. I knew it would be difficult to fit into my semester schedule, so I worked with my adviser and planned my summer schedule accordingly to make it work.

HOW DID WARTBURG WEST IMPACT YOU: I went to Wartburg West to explore my future in medicine as a doctor. The experience opened my mind to see physicians working on social outreach and grant work. These opportunities would not have been presented to me if I had not attended Wartburg West.

MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE: A trip to Garden of the Gods, in Colorado Springs. When we got there two marines were donating their time to help amateurs climb the rock face.

OTHER FAVORITE MEMORIES: Waiting in line for two hours for a free Blake Shelton concert. We befriended the couple behind us and got pizza delivered to us in line.

yler Vogel at Wartburg West

WHY WAS WARTBURG WEST WORTH IT:  Wartburg West represents all Wartburg stands for: community, innovation, and active leadership. Through the Wartburg West experience I was able to have opportunities I would be unable to get anywhere else. I worked with senators and physicians personally, which helped to shape my vocational outlook. Along the way I fostered some great new friendships and strengthened old ones. Not to mention waking up the beautiful mountain view every day.

ADVICE FOR OTHER STUDENTS: Go in with an open mind and take the chance to explore yourself. You’ll be amazed how much you discover about yourself working in an amazing internship surrounded by great friends and tall mountains.