Education continued long after graduation

Tim Hauber ’82

NAME: Tim Hauber 


MAJORS: Business Administration 

CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Senior Transfer Admissions Counselor, Iowa State University

WHY WARTBURG: Wartburg was one of my choices after high school, but I went the community college route first. My cousin went to Wartburg and recruited me. I met with Don Canfield (football coach) and made my decision to transfer.

WHY WAS YOUR WARTBURG EXPERIENCE WORTH IT: As a first-generation college student, the campus experience exceeded my expectations. Academics, friends, faculty, and the overall campus environment provided a structure I could thrive in during the college years and after.

HOW DID YOUR WARTBURG EXPERIENCE PREPARE YOU FOR LIFE AFTER COLLEGE:  Wartburg reaffirmed my beliefs and also expanded my horizons. For me, the benefits didn’t show the first few years, as I was more worried about a first job, career moves, etc. The college continued to provide me with experiences and growth long after I graduated. My education continued while I served as an employee of the college (associate director of admissions) and instilled the values I still adhere to today.

HOW DO YOU STAY CONNECTED TO THE COLLEGE:  As a member of the Alumni Board (of course). But, I also try to attend as many Wartburg events in my area as my schedule allows. Mixing different type of events (UKnight Day, Outfly, ball games) adds variety and interest. I try to stay in contact with several Wartburg staff (a little easier as I worked there for seven years) to get a feel for subtle changes on campus.

HOW DO YOU LIVE OUT THE WARTBURG MISSION: The sense that we are part of a bigger world has always stuck with me. I volunteer with local organizations to make my community and the world around me better. Staying in contact with the college also reminds from where I come.

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR CURRENT STUDENTS: Find your niche and get involved. Also, make a new friend each semester outside your major and activities. Get to know your faculty. Travel somewhere at least for a month; abroad if possible. Before you graduate, develop good habits and a networking system.