I found my passion teaching Iowans

By Katie Kreis ’19

Taylor Loose ’20 discovered her passion for special education within her first two years on campus. Her coursework placed her in field experiences around the Cedar Valley, which helped her decide on an elementary education major with endorsements in reading and special education.

As a sophomore, Loose already has experience in special education and Title I classrooms at Fred Becker Elementary in Waterloo, the Janesville Community School District, ­South Side Elementary in Hampton, Denver Middle School, and Nashua-Plainfield High School.

“Dr. (Stephanie) TeKippe (assistant professor of education) has given us some great class experiences, too,” said Loose, of Doson, Minn. “We do professional learning communities and problem-based learning, which is something we’ll be doing in the field a lot. It’s unique because it’s something you wouldn’t normally get in field experiences, and I’ve been able to teach actual lessons and sometimes take over the classes I’m placed with.”

Though her focus is elementary education, her experience working with students at Nashua-Plainfield High School gave her a more comprehensive idea of what special education looks like at all levels.

“The experience really shifted me to wanting to teach special education, because the connections with the kids there were really neat. They were more willing to work with me because they had a good connection with their teacher, and I was able to work one-on-one with one student the whole time I was there.

“The education professors have gone above and beyond to try to get me where I want to be. That’s part of what makes Wartburg worth it.”

Taylor Loose