German-U.S. Relations

Perspectives on German-US Relations: Pasts, Presents, & Futures
March 18, 2019, Wartburg College

A Symposium Hosted by the Gustav-Stresemann-Institute (Bonn, Germany) and Wartburg College (Waverly, IA)

From recent headlines, which focus on the country’s tariffs on European steel and aluminum imports and withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and Iran nuclear deal, it appears that the United States and its close allies, including Germany, are approaching a new low point. However, this is not the only way to view the connections between Germany and the United States, for these headlines only cover a piece of a long, rich, complex, and varied story.

This new symposium seeks to continue the conversation started in March 2018 at the joint Gustav Stresemann Institute and Wartburg College symposium, From Rebels to Democrats – A New Look at an Old Relationship. German-American Relations from 1848 to the Present, in Berlin, Germany. The focus of the one-day symposium was German-American relations from 1848 until today and the future of the transatlantic relationship, primarily from the German perspective. In Waverly, we will expand our understanding of German-U.S. relations by examining additional pasts, presents, and futures with an emphasis on historical, political, economic, cultural, journalistic, and personal perspectives. Precisely because of today’s headlines and the challenges both countries face as they move into the future, an exploration of the multifaceted nature of U.S.-German relations is essential.

Featured speakers include:

  • Dr. Andreas Goetze, German Deputy Consul General, Chicago
  • Dr. Mark Cassell, Professor of Political Science, Kent State University
  • Dr. Gerald R. Kleinfeld, Professor Emeritus of History at Arizona State University, founding director of the German Studies Association
  • Dr. Daniel Walther, Gerald R. Kleinfeld Chair in German History/German Institute Director, Wartburg College
  • Steve Timm, Vice President & General Manager – Air Transport, Collins Aerospace, Cedar Rapids
  • Peter Voorhees, President and CEO Standard Golf, Cedar Falls
  • Kirk Vogel, HSBC
  • Alexandra von Nahmen, Deutsche Welle
  • Juliane Schäuble, Berliner Tagesspiegel
  • Dr. Kristi Becker ’70, Professor of Piano (Cologne)
  • Dr. Erik Bettermann, President Gustav Stresemann Institute; CEO Deutsche Welle (retired

The event also will be available live and on demand via the college’s live-streaming network, Knight Vision, at

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Daniel Walther

Gerald R. Kleinfeld Endowed Chair in German History

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