Rebecca Bennett

A matter of faith

NAME: Rebecca Bennett


HOMETOWN: Denver, Colo.

MAJOR: Religion

INVOLVEMENT ON CAMPUS: Wartburg Choir, Castle Singers, Eucharist worship band, Eucharist curator, Spiritual Life & Campus Ministry Hospitality Team, theater inventory specialist (creating costumes and sets for shows), Suicide Awareness For Everyone, Ambassador, Sanctuary Curator, Pathways Peer

INTERNSHIPS: Denver School of the Arts and First Baptist Church of Waterloo (ministry intern)

PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Attend seminary to become a pastor, while serving in a school or church setting

WHY WARTBURG: When I visited campus I saw very few lecture halls, which meant small class sizes. I also chose Wartburg because I am a Christian, and my faith is incredibly important to me. Many of the other schools I visited either required a statement of faith and mandatory chapel attendance or did not have any spiritual life programs to offer. Wartburg was the perfect mix of the two. The weekday chapel services offer me a great stress relief and break from the chaos of the day, and the Eucharist and Sunday services are both different from each other, yet contemporary. Some services are also student led, which is great because that way students can relate more to the service and can experience a leadership opportunity. Wartburg also accommodates for other faiths and has many services dedicated to different faiths and backgrounds, which I believe is highly important.

WHY IS WARTBURG WORTH IT:  I heard the Wartburg Choir sing at my high school and knew that I wanted to be in the choir. I appreciate that Wartburg offers many nonauditioned choirs so I could be a part of more than just one ensemble. The music faculty all made me feel very welcome even though I am not a music major.

WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU NEVER IMAGINED YOU WOULD DO BEFORE COMING TO WARTBURG: I never imagined I would be able to travel to Europe, and I did last year with the Wartburg Choir. 

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WARTBURG MEMORY: While touring with the Castle Singers, we were singing Shout to the Lord, and a man in a wheelchair stood up and began singing with us. We all cried and were amazed at the healing we brought with our music.