The Wartburg Print Center, a division of the Marketing & Communication Office, is located on the south end of the Saemann Student Center (next to the Information Desk). The center provides printing services to the campus community as well as businesses and individuals throughout the Cedar Valley.  Our business hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (4 p.m. in summer). 

Projects should come to the Wartburg Print Center in a format ready for printing, but our staff is happy to help you with the set up if needed. Turn-around time for simple projects such as memos and letters is generally 24 hours or less. Jobs that involve extra finish work may require more time. 


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“They [print center staff] really go above and beyond to provide quality products and services, help us stay within our budget, and provide a quick turn around on all orders. We are so very grateful to have the Wartburg Print Center as a resource for our agency and would highly recommend their services..”

– Jessica Gulick, The Larrabee Center, Inc.

Matte, Gloss, or Vinyl – $4.50 sq. ft.
Canvas – $6 sq. ft.
(price includes paper and ink)
Maximum width: 44 in. | Maximum length: 40 ft.

Black & White – 7¢ per side + paper cost

Color – 29¢ per side + paper cost

Common Paper Prices

8.5×11 White Copy Paper (20# Bond) – 3¢

8.5×11 White 70# Text – 6¢

8.5×11 White 80# Cover (cardstock) – 12¢

FLYERS 8.5×11 color (gloss text weight)* – 35¢ ea.

FLYERS W/BLEED 8.5×11 color (gloss text weight)* – 40¢ ea.

BROCHURES tri-fold 8.5×11 (2-sided full color on gloss text)* – 64¢ ea.

BROCHURES W/BLEED tri-fold 8.5×11 (2-sided full color on gloss text)* – 69¢ ea.

POSTERS 11×17 color (gloss text weight) – 40¢ ea.

POSTERS W/BLEED 11×17 color (gloss text weight)* – 44¢ ea.

12X18 COLOR POSTERS w/bleed (gloss cardstock)* – 51¢ ea.

POSTCARDS 4.25 x 6 (2-sided color)* – 35¢ ea.

FAXING – 25¢ per side for outgoing; 9¢ per side for incoming; no charge for cover sheet

LAMINATING – $1 per foot

PLASTIC BINDING – $1.25 per piece (prices may vary)

SPIRAL BINDING – $1.75 per piece (prices may vary)

*Subject to trim and/or+ fold charge

If you do recurring orders with the print center, feel free to login to the PrintShopPro link above. Use this software guide or call x8366 if you need help.

Design Services

All college offices and departments should work with their assigned account executive in the Marketing & Communication (M&C) Office for any marketing-related (events, recruitment, fundraising, etc.) projects. M&C does not charge for design, video, or photography if the projects are part of institutional marketing strategies.  For all non-marketing (letters, course packets, exams, etc.) projects, individuals can work directly with print center staff to complete the projects. In cases where projects do not conform to Wartburg printing guidelines (such as wrong logo usage or improper layout), the Digital Print Center will notify the customer and send it to Marketing and Communication for reworking or design modification. Turn-around will be dependent upon designer availability and the amount of work involved.

Delivery and Security

The print center can deliver any projects on campus when the project is complete. Turn-around time for simple projects such as memos and letters is generally 24 hours or less. Jobs that involve hand collating, folding, or stapling may require more time. Projects with large quantities also will require extra time. If you wish to have exams, quizzes, or other documents be printed in a more secure way, you can let the full-time print center staff know through email or when you submit your job through PrintShopPro.  No student staff will be allowed to view, print, or deliver these materials. 

Stationery Items

Your department office coordinator has access to our online ordering system. Click here for printorders.com instruction guide. For business cards with the photo/social media option, click here for instructions.

Stationery items include:

  • business cards
  • personalized post-it notes
  • letterhead
  • envelopes

Printers and Copiers

Wartburg College has established the following guidelines for economical use of copiers on campus:

  • 50 or fewer copies – use department copier
  • More than 50 copies – use Digital Print Center

Department Copier Toner and Paper

To order toner or for copier service, contact ITS Help Desk, ext. 8767. To order paper for copiers, use PrintShop Pro® and place your order by clicking on New Order and drop down to STOREFRONT. Copy paper (8-1/2 x 11 only) will be charged to Campus Copiers Fleet, so make sure you change account name and number by using the drop-down menus.


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Print Center - Art Prints and Blueprints


Print Center - Bulletins and Newsletters


Print Center - Calendars and Programs


Print Center - Packets and Manuals


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Print Center - Fliers and Posters


Print Center - Invites and Announcements


In addition, the print center can do faxing, laminating, and limited photo printing from electronic files. There are many varieties of papers and envelopes available.


Dan Hatala
East Bremer Diner
Faith Lutheran Church, Shell Rock

The Larrabee Center, Inc.
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School
Waverly Area United Way

Waverly Chamber of Commerce
Waverly Exchange Club
Waverly Senior Center


Melissa Jacobs

Digital Print Center Operator

Lori Poehler

Print Center Manager