Jette Irgens

Assistant Director of Pathways

More about Jette Irgens

Jette Odgaard Irgens, Cand. Theol., Assistant Director for FYE, Academic Advising & Student Success holds a Cand. Theol. degree from the University of Oslo, Norway. Prior to coming to Wartburg, she worked for Kirkens Korshær (suicide prevention) in Copenhagen, Denmark & the ELCA, stationed in São Leopoldo, RS, Brazil – with a number of NGO’s (HIV/AIDS prevention). She has taught a variety of courses at Wartburg (such as, freshman seminar, composition, ELL cultural adjustment, intercultural communication). Jette directs the Peer Learning Lab (student support in math, writing, reading, and speaking, and study strategies) and coordinates advising & the first-year experience programs. In addition, she oversees the Castle Connections Program.