Alpha Woodward

Assistant Professor of Music Therapy/Dir. of Music Therapy

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Dr. Alpha Woodward, MTA, BMT, MMT, FAMI, PhD

Dr. Alpha Woodward brings extensive international experience in teaching and clinical work to her position as Director of Music Therapy at Wartburg. She has over 15 years of clinical leadership roles in both government and nongovernment agencies, as well as private practice. She has a baccalaureate in music therapy, an advanced Masters of Music Therapy, and a PhD in Leadership and Change which studied culture shock in music therapy humanitarian work in war affected regions. Her Masters study used general systems theory to explore how listening behaviors are an important feature for healing in institutional settings. She is a Fellow of the Association of Music and Imagery, has an advanced degree in Guided Imagery and Music. Dr. Woodward has presented her work internationally in the UK, Japan, Argentina, Canada, Bosnia, Italy, and the USA and has several published journal articles and book reviews in Voices and The Arts in Psychotherapy.

Prior to her post at Wartburg, Dr. Woodward has taught in Canada, Ireland, and Pennsylvania and is a member of the Canadian Music Therapy Association (CAMT), the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapies (IACAT) and the Music Therapy Association of British Columbia (MTABC). She served as the Professional Practice Leader at Providence Healthcare in Vancouver, British Columbia and continues to serve on several review boards of major peer-reviewed journals in Norway, Canada, USA and the online Forum ‘Voices’. For several years she served on the Accreditation Review Board for certifying the qualifications of music therapists in Canada. Her professional certification is Music Therapist Accredited (MTA), through CAMT which is recognized by AMTA as a cross border equivalence to MT-BC.

Statement of Vision and Values
Social justice advocacy and equity for the less privileged or for those who are most vulnerable in society are a strong theme in Dr. Woodward’s scholarship and teaching. Dr. Woodward believes students in our training need to be prepared to work in a changing social environment with the most vulnerable in our communities. To this point, advocacy and ethical practice are integrated into the training in every course. Students must not only be musically skilled in working therapeutically with individuals and groups, but also be intuitive, self-aware and willing to grow and develop their own vocation through theory and current research. The undergraduate training prepares each student to apply for professional credentials and to practice competently as an entry level professional music therapist. Ultimately, clinical experience and a Master’s Degree in advanced music therapy theory and practice will equip professional clinicians to deepen and develop themselves as reflective practitioners, to practice confidently and creatively within their community of care, and to further the reach and scope of the profession.