I forgot/lost my box number/combination. Can you help me?
Yes, please present your ID at the Mail Center window for assistance.

I can’t get my box open – can you just give me my mail? 
Yes, but we would rather help you learn how to open your box, that way you can get you mail even when the Mail Center is closed. Plus, if your box combination isn’t working properly we want to know so that it can be fixed!

Can someone else pick up my package for me? 
Yes, but you need to notify the Mail Center Coordinator, preferably by email, with the name of the person who can pick up for you.

How do I know I have mail? 
Check your mailbox.

How do I know I have a package?

[Students] We use email notification for packages. If the email says ‘received’ then you will need to pick up the package from the Mail Center window. If the email says ‘delivered’ then it should be in your mailbox.

[Faculty-staff] We notify of receipt and delivery of packages via email. We can remove email notification for you if you prefer to not receive them. Emails that say received mean the item has reached campus. If you wish you can come to the Mail Center to get your package. Packages will be delivered to departments on the next available campus mail run and you will receive an email notifying you that your package has been delivered to your standard mail location.

How do I send things to someone else on campus? 
Drop it in the Campus Mail box outside the Mail Center or bring it to the window. You will need a box number for students and a Department name for faculty and staff. All of this information is available on the campus directory on inet. Faculty and Staff items do NOT need to have their physical location (building and room #) in the ‘address’.

I ordered something and it should be here, but I haven’t gotten an email yet. What should I do? 
Check the tracking number for your package. Looking up the tracking number on the appropriate site (UPS, FedEx, USPS) should be able to tell you where your package is or if it has even been shipped yet.

I ordered two things but only one of them is here. What should I do? 
Check with the company you ordered from. It is possible that the items were shipped separately, or one of the items may be backordered or out of stock. If the items shipped separately then you should have tracking information for each package and you can find out where the other package is. If it hasn’t shipped, the seller is the only person who will be able to answer why.

Someone sent me something but they didn’t put my Box number on it. Will I still get it?
Yes, but it may take us a little longer to get it to you. Mail pieces without a box number may be handled last on high volume days.

I can’t pick up my package because I am not on campus during Mail Center hours, what can I do? 
You have two options:

  • Have someone that you trust pick up your package for you (notify the Mail Center that you want to do this)
  • Contact the Mail Center and ask to have the package left with the Security Office. You will need to present ID to get your package from Security.

I am not on campus and I had something sent to Wartburg by mistake, what should I do?
If the item was sent via Postal Mail (First Class or Priority) then it will be, or already has been forwarded to the address that Wartburg has on file for you. If you have been off campus for over a year, we won’t be able to forward it. If a package was sent via UPS or FedEx we cannot usually forward it. In those cases, you can instruct us to return it to sender, or you can arrange a prepaid label to send it to you. Submit the label to the Mail Center and we’ll get the package back on its way to you.

How do I address an envelope?


How do I address something to my student?

Student Name
Wartburg College Box #<box number>
100 Wartburg Blvd
Waverly IA 50677

How do I address something to faculty, staff, or a Department?

Faculty/Staff Name (if available)
100 Wartburg Blvd
Waverly IA 50677


These resources are provided for departments, offices, and student organizations to explain how mass mailing and postage processes work.

Simple Postcard Regulations:

1)      Avoid dark and neon colors when creating postcards and flyers. The post office may refuse to mail dark or neon items (it causes problems with equipment).
2)      Never use acronyms or abbreviations for departments or units in the mailing address or return address sections.
3)      Folded fliers sent through the US Mail must be put in an envelope or printed on card stock.  The flier should also be tabbed according to US Postal Regulations.
4)      In order to prevent glossy fliers and postcards from being returned for postage, as the postage smears, a label must be placed where postage should be printed on them.

Bulk Mail Regulations:

The term “bulk mail” refers to larger quantities of mail prepared for mailing at reduced postage (17 cents vs. 46 or 49 cents). There is no bulk rate for postcards, but they may be mailed at letter rate. To mail something at a bulk rate:

1) The quantity must be over 220.
2) A return address must be provided.
3) The “nonprofit org US postage paid Wartburg College” indicia must be included.
4) Either change service requested, electronic service requested, or address service requested must be visible under the return address.

Address Cleaning:

If your mailing list isn’t kept up to date, it will need to be “cleaned” by the Wartburg Mail Center. A list must have at least 100 names and turn-around time is approximately one week. 

Understanding Postage:

Postage is determined by weight and size. Click here to view current postage rates.

–  An oversize postcard bumps to a letter.
–  An oversize letter (by weight) incurs additional $0.21 per ounce.
–  An oversize letter (by thickness, length, or width) bumps to a large envelope.
–  An oversize letter (by pliability) bumps to a package.
–  An oversize large envelope (by thickness, length, or width) bumps to a package.
–  An oversize large envelope (by weight) bumps to a Priority Mail package.
–  An overweight package bumps to a Priority Mail package.
–  Whether priority mail is cheaper as a flat rate or as a base rate is dependent on where the item is going and whether we can get it into the cheapest flat rate packaging.