Madison Bloker

Using her talents to lift up others

NAME: Madison Bloker 


HOMETOWN: Clarksville, Iowa  

MAJOR: Journalism and Communication

In 2017, Madison was one of four Wartburg students chosen to attend the National Character & Leadership Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colo., at the U.S. Air Force Academy, as part of Wartburg’s Baldwin Leadership Fellows Program. 

INVOLVEMENT ON CAMPUS: Baldwin Leadership Fellow, Service Trips, Volunteer Action Center, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Chi, PRSSA, Wartburg Ambassador, Dance Marathon, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Homecoming Committee, 

WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO COME TO WARTBURG: I job shadowed Pastor Brian (Beckstrom) and one thing he told me always stayed in my head. He said, ‘Madison, no matter where you decide to go, you’re going to be successful.’ I thought that if I spent one day with this guy and one person at Wartburg can already see my success, then that’s where I want to be if everyone else is going to see it too.

WHAT WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE AT THE AIR FORCE ACADEMY LIKE: We were some of the only civilians there — everyone was either in ROTC or actually part of the Air Force Academy. It was weird to be called a civilian because it’s not a normal thing. It was a culture shock. It opened up my mind to all the things that go on around the world, because I had no idea people lived like this all over the country — their lifestyles were so different.

WHAT IS YOUR LEADERSHIP PROJECT: I’m doing a book. There are seven different subjects, like faith love, competence, and other things, with 21 write-ups for each because of the saying that it takes 21 days to form a habit. The more I took classes at Wartburg, and especially after going to the Air Force Academy, I realized how much I love documenting others’ stories. The title is Bound Blessings, because they are blessings bound in book form, and they are blessings bound to happen to the reader. I want to put some life in people’s eyes and uplift them.

HOW WILL THIS EXPERIENCE CARRY FORWARD INTO YOUR FUTURE: At the symposium, I went to go listen to a World War II veteran speak, and I loved coming back and documenting his story. I always wanted to publish a book, but I never thought that I would expand it into a business and it’s kind of unfolding that way. I want to publish the book and then expand it to a business. I have a website called Bound Blessings and I want to create personalized notebooks so other people will journal and maybe document stories. Maybe I’ll make daily calendars with a verse or saying on it or even adult coloring books.

DO THE COURSES YOU TAKE AT WARTBURG SUPPORT THIS GOAL: I have a major in journalism and communication with minors in business, graphic design, and leadership. All my classes have partnered really well with the book. For example, I’m taking a management class and we had to write a personal strategic plan, so I wrote about the business. For graphic design, I’ve been designing a lot of Bound Blessings things, and my professor has helped connect me to places I can get the cheapest options for books.