OC opened my eyes to opportunities in my field

NAME: Kendra Offerman     
HOMETOWN: Manchester  
MAJOR: Business administration and accounting

WHERE DID YOU VISIT DURING ORANGE CONNECTION 2019: Performance Marketing Group in West Des Moines

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE WARTBURG: I chose Wartburg because my sister had just graduated from here. After spending her first year at the University of Iowa, I was able to see how her transition from a huge university to a small, private college made an impact on her personally and her level of education. Seeing that, I knew I wanted to go to a smaller college. I also love the close-knit community feel of the college and seeing how the Waverly community truly supports the college.

HOW DID YOU DECIDE ON YOUR MAJOR: Business administration and accounting majors will open a lot of doors for me. I currently work in a bank at home, and I love it.

HOW DID ORANGE CONNECTION HELP YOU FOCUS YOUR DECISION TO MAJOR IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: This experience made me realize how many business and accounting jobs are out there in businesses you wouldn’t think about at first. For example, Performance Marketing Group has an entire Account Management Department, which I found very interesting. It was a field I hadn’t even considered prior to this trip.

Kendra Offerman

WHAT DID YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT YOUR ORANGE CONNECTION EXPERIENCE: I personally enjoyed all of the networking that this experience gives you. From spending the night with a Wartburg alum family to meeting with around a dozen different individuals at Performance Marketing Group, this experience allowed me to make connections with individuals I would not have been able to without this opportunity.  

WHY WOULD YOU ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO PARTICIPATE IN A FUTURE OC OPPORTUNITY: This opportunity really showed me how much Wartburg alumni look highly upon current Wartburg students. They all want you to succeed in whatever you choose to do. Making connections with these individuals may lead you to an internship or a job down the road.

WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU NEVER IMAGINED YOU WOULD DO BEFORE COMING TO WARTBURG: I never thought I would move 12 hours away for an entire semester (to attend Wartburg West) while still in college, but, here I am, getting ready to up and go in the fall. I know that this experience will be a great opportunity for me to network, live, and learn in an urban community, no matter how scary it may seem right now.  

WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT CAMPUS LIFE: I love being so close to everything and everybody. All of my friends live less than a three minute walk away, and all of my classes and meetings are right here on campus. The campus also offers so many different study lounges for students, and I love going to them because I get my homework done but I also get to see so many people!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WARTBURG MEMORY: Honestly, I really enjoyed the first week of my freshman year. Participating in all of the orientation events and getting to know so many new people was really exciting.