Hannah Haage

Investing in her future

NAME: Hannah Haage


HOMETOWN: Rosemount, Minn.

MAJORS: Psychology and sociology

INVOLVEMENT ON CAMPUS: Ambassadors, Student Senate, Orientation Staff, St. Elizabeth Chorale, Hope Overflow, Wartburg West (Summer 2016), May Term in France (2015), Psych Club

WHY WARTBURG: The people are amazing, and there is such a welcoming and supportive environment here. I am especially grateful for my admissions counselor, Mallory, and all of the passion she has for Wartburg that rubbed off on me. 

WHY IS WARTBURG WORTH IT: College is an investment both monetarily, emotionally, and spiritually, but we all have the choice of where we invest ourselves, and Wartburg is the place to go. Here, I am an individual seeking an education, friendships, and a future filled with many opportunities. With the support of faculty, staff, and administration, you would have to be doing something wrong as a student if you weren’t successful after your time here. I could not imagine being anywhere else. 

WHAT DID YOU NEVER IMAGINE YOU WOULD DO BEFORE COMING TO WARTBURG: I never imagined I would be so involved on campus, especially in the Admissions Office and on Student Senate. I love working with prospective students and with the counselors and other student workers. It is such a positive, supportive environment that is also a lot of fun. 

In high school, I was not involved with student government because it wasn’t very popular. The only reason I really joined Senate my sophomore year of college was because I had many current senators telling me how great I would be as a leader. My involvement the past two years led me to run for student body vice president this year with Alex Gheysens ’17. We did not win the race, but it was a great learning experience.