These current international students can help you learn what it’s like to be a Wartburg student.

Kimberly Cespedes Torres ’20
Costa Rica

Costa Rica Flag

What is your major?
Social Work with minors in Psychology and Sociology

What campus activities you’re involved with?
I am part of the Social Work Club, Adopt a Grandparent Program, and the International Club, where I serve as the executive board secretary for the 2017-2018 academic year.

I also work at the Den as a dining services assistant, at the Vogel Library as a circulation desk assistant, at the Volunteer Action Center as an office coordinator, and in the Global Admissions Office during summer.

What is it like living in the Waverly and Wartburg communities?
Waverly offers a very safe environment, international students can interact with their friendship families and international services offers trips to bigger towns such as Waterloo and Cedar Falls, where students can go with their friends for shopping and having a fun time. At Wartburg, there are many different activities to participate in your free time. Students exercise at the gym, which is very professional and developed. In addition, specific departments such as the Library and Pathways Center offer several services with the purpose of responding to the different needs of students. 

Why is Wartburg Worth It to you?
Wartburg has helped me grow. I think its mission of nurture has made my experience very successful. I have developed my skills and Wartburg has allowed me to put my abilities and leadership to the service of this community. I have learned a lot from professors, but I have been able to put all of this new knowledge into practice outside of the classroom, which makes Wartburg very valuable. I have never been discriminated in this place, people always want to know more about me and my country. This experience makes me feel at home and makes me want to grow more as a student and also as a human being.

What advice do you have for prospective students?
My advice for you is always keep an optimistic attitude, wherever you go you will face troubles and difficulties, but those are the ones who make you grow and a stronger person. Do not hesitate for asking for help around, there are always resources for you.

Yusra Malik ’21

U.S. Flag

What is your major?
Neuroscience and Spanish with a pre-medical track.

What campus activities are you involved in?
I am involved in the International Club, Brains Club, Tri-Beta, Student Senate. I am also an orientation leader for incoming first years. 

What is it like living in the Waverly and Wartburg communities?
The Waverly and Wartburg communities are very small, but this is not a bad thing. It allows the students to build strong relationships with each other as well as faculty and staff which is very important. The environment here is very open and friendly and I truly enjoy living in this community.

Why is Wartburg Worth it to you?
Wartburg is Worth It to me because of all the amazing opportunities I have here as well as the amazing people I have been able to meet in my short time here. I have made long lasting friendships and have amazing relationships with my professors and advisors that I would not be able to get anywhere else. Wartburg also has great academic and athletic opportunities.

What advice do you have for prospective students?
Work hard, but also enjoy your time at college!

Yazhi “Miranda” Pang ’20

China Flag

What is your Major?

What campus activities you’re involved with?
I am involved in the International Club and the Asian Club on campus.

What is it like living in the Waverly and Wartburg communities?
Wartburg is a small community. It is beneficial to us because we get to know each other. Someone will say hello to you when you walk around campus. In addition, our campus is close to the natural environment; no high buildings, and very little noise around. I see a variety of very cute animals on campus every day, such as: rabbit, bunny, etc.

Why is Wartburg Worth it to you?
The teachers are very kind and nice. If you have some questions, they are always very willing to help you, with patience. Also, you can seek for advice from your advisor about subject choices. They will also help you make good decisions for your subjects. Furthermore, the quiet atmosphere around campus is very good for studying.

What advice do you have for prospective students?
When you face troubles, don’t give up on yourself. When you get successful, don’t forget your suffering.