Still writing, even in retirement

NAME: George Hanusa 
MAJOR: Greek
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Retired reverend

WHY WARTBURG: In high school I was considering what career to choose. When I finally felt a call to ordained ministry, I entered Wartburg College as a pre-theological student, choosing that path to my life-long career. Wartburg, a church-college, as it was most known for then, was the logical choice.

WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU NEVER IMAGINED YOU COULD DO BEFORE COMING TO WARTBURG: I didn’t know that I had the potential to become a writer and author. Until my freshman English class with Professor Esther Haefner, no teacher before her had suggested that I had writing ability. In one way or another, actually in many ways, the rest of my life, including now in a retirement community, I have kept on writing.

Janet and George Hanusa
Janet and George Hanusa

HOW DID WARTBURG PREPARE YOU FOR LIFE AFTER COLLEGE: I had a well-grounded education, not only in the classroom, but also in extra-curricular activities, some of which put me in leadership roles.

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE WARTBURG TRADITION: I should say being dunked in the fountain at the announcement of Janet and my engagement! I could say “initiation,” but that took six weeks wearing green beanies as a freshman. I ended up being in charge of it as a sophomore and engineered shortening it to an humane two weeks! My favorite tradition, though, is singing “College of our brightest days . . . !”

HOW DO YOU STAY CONNECTED TO THE COLLEGE: Reading all of the stuff hat comes in my mailbox and computer and contributing dollars.
I served on the Alumni Board, including as president from 1972 to 1974, and have a plaque-with-gavel hanging on my wall, presented to me by then Alumni Direcotor Jack Schemmel. 

WHY WAS YOUR WARTBURG EXPERIENCE WORTH IT: Worth it first, because I met Janet Westphal, Class of 1955, my beloved spouse of 64 years!
Worth it second, because it formed the rest of my life in so many ways, which has been devoted to serving others.