Wartburg allowed me to explore multiple academic passions

By Katie Hirv ’22

Part of any student’s college experience usually includes learning more about themselves, whether it’s vocationally or personally. For Freddie Eden ’21, Wartburg helped him find his passion for accounting.

“I was largely undecided coming into college. The issue was that I was interested in almost everything! I took my first accounting class during my second year and thought that it was very interesting material. After that course, I declared my major as accounting,” said Eden. “I had no familiarity with any accounting related concepts before I came to Wartburg. What drew me to the accounting program was the amount of practical knowledge that I felt I had acquired after my first course.”

Although originally an undecided major while entering college, Eden chose Wartburg to discover his vocation because of the community the campus offered.

“The first time I visited campus, it felt like home to me. All the people who spoke to me were friendly, and I could tell they genuinely wanted to see me succeed. I knew that this was an environment in which I could thrive. Beyond that, I was also looking for a challenge. I knew that with the smaller class sizes my professors could get to know me and the areas with which I could experience the most growth,” said Eden.

Because of Wartburg’s interdisciplinary academic structure, Eden was able to take classes in other interest areas while continuing to develop his skills in accounting.

Freddie Eden

“My most memorable experience was presenting an international relations research paper at a political science conference at Illinois State University, as well as on RICE (Research, Internships, and Creative Endeavors) Day. Even though international relations doesn’t fall within the scope of my major, I was still able to fully explore my academic passions in other areas. Being at Wartburg gives you the opportunity to pursue your interests,” Eden said. “Become as involved as possible and don’t be afraid to try new things. Work hard and fully commit yourself to all the amazing opportunities that are offered at Wartburg. You may discover something you did not know you were interested in!”

Looking ahead, Eden plans to move from his small hometown of Wesley to the Twin Cities area.

“I’ve accepted a position as an advisory associate at KPMG in Minneapolis. While working, I will also be studying to pass my CPA exam,” said Eden.

While the future sometimes can bring feelings of uncertainty, Eden feels confident as he prepares for this next step.

“Wartburg has not only taught me important concepts for my profession, but also taught me how to learn effectively. There’s no doubt that the world will continue to change quickly after graduation. Wartburg gave me the skills that I need to be able to effectively learn and process new concepts quickly,” Eden said.

Reflecting on his past four years at Wartburg, Eden has created friendships and relationships with faculty and staff that will stay with him for years to come.

“Wartburg was worth it because of all the amazing relationships and experiences that I had with fellow students, faculty, and staff. The challenging and nurturing environment helped to shape me into the person I am today. The time that I had at Wartburg will continue to positively impact me throughout my life,” Eden said.