Be orange for a day.

At Wartburg, we have made it a priority to do anything we can to make sure you have the opportunity to see our campus, regardless of the distance from your home. Don’t just visit Wartburg; totally immerse yourself in campus life! Meet our friendly students. Grab a cappuccino in our coffee shop. Check out a class. Go to a game or a concert. Visit with a professor. It’s WORTH IT!

With advance notice (at least two weeks) if you can:

  • Tour the campus and a residence hall
  • Visit with an admissions counselor
  • Attend a chapel service (M, W, or F, 10:15 a.m.)
  • Meet with a faculty member regarding your major
  • Talk to a coach, director, or extracurricular leader
  • Enjoy a free lunch with a guide in the Mensa

Program Guidelines

  • Live 400+ miles from Wartburg College
  • Student must be accepted for admission before arrival
  • Reimbursement covers up to $350 of the STUDENT’S travel
  • Provide receipts for travel expenses
  • Available during the academic year (September through April)
  • Students generally plan and travel with a parent/guardian

Take the next step
Apply for admission and contact your admissions counselor to learn more about the program and begin planning your visit to Wartburg College.

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