These outcome statements define the expectations of a Wartburg education and provide the benchmarks against which the College holds itself accountable. Alumni feedback from a recent survey demonstrates that Wartburg is continually improving in nearly all areas.

Broad and Integrative Knowledge: Students will demonstrate breadth of knowledge and the ability to make connections across a range of disciplines.

Making connections among ideas or concepts from different areas of study.

2010-12 - 70.4%
2005-08 - 62.4%
2000-04 - 61.7%

Collaboration: Students will work effectively in collaboration with others, being respectful and civil toward others.

Working effectively as a team member or in a group.

2010-12 - 72.5%
2005-08 - 72.3%
2000-04 - 83.5%

Communication: Students will communicate effectively and appropriately in writing and speaking.

Using "information literacy" skills.

2010-12 - 69.6%
2005-08 - 67.7%
2000-04 - 71.8%

Deep and Distinctive Knowledge: Students will demonstrate depth of knowledge and the ability to use and apply the distinctive methods and forms of inquiry within the disciplinary area of the academic major.

Developing the skills and attitudes that support my ability to continue learning after college.

2010-12 - 80.7%
2005-08 - 74.4%
2000-04 - 75.5%

Ethics and Engagement: Students will articulate the ways in which faith and ethics inform their decisions, actions, and engagement as community members.

Making informed and principled choices based on considerations of ethics and values.

2010-12 - 73.4%
2005-08 - 62.7%
2000-04 - 71.4%

Cultural Competence: Students will demonstrate the ability to appropriately, respectfully, and effectively communicate and work with people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Understanding people of other racial, ethnic, social or religious backgrounds.

2010-12 - 65.4%
2005-08 - 57%
2000-04 - 58.2%


Academic expectations were high and demanding.

The skills I learned at Wartburg have helped me continue to learn after college. 

I felt a strong sense of community among students on campus.

Students routinely spent a significant portion of their time studying and working on academic tasks.

I was challenged to make connections between ideas or concepts from different fields of study.

During my time at Wartburg I had one/more experiences that transformed the way I saw myself and the world.

I learned to work effectively with people whose culture and beliefs were very different from my own.

I experienced a good mentoring relationship with a member of the Wartburg community.

* Information from a 2013 alumni survey