Wartburg felt like a complete package

NAME: Drew Crawford
MAJOR: Business administration 
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Research manager, Principal Financial Group

WHY WARTBURG: What initially piqued my interest in Wartburg was basketball. I had certainly made up my mind I was going to play college basketball, and Wartburg was one of the schools that recruited me. As I was going through my college visits, Wartburg felt like the complete package. I was able to compete at a high level, get a great education, and I could sense the close-knit community that we all get to experience as a student.

WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU NEVER IMAGINED YOU COULD DO BEFORE COMING TO WARTBURG: I was a little apprehensive of the size of Wartburg since my high school was about the same size or even a little bigger. I never imaged I would appreciate the school and class size as much as I did. It helped me better connect with classmates and professors, which is another reason I think I’ve been able to stay connected to Wartburg post-graduation.

WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR CURRENT POSITION: I interact with customers and non-customers (end consumers and employers) to better understand their needs, behavior, and preferences. My research helps deliver the right products, solutions, and experiences to our target markets. This includes surveys and online discussions as well as in-person ethnographic/interviewing.

Drew Crawford

HOW DO YOU USE ECONOMICS, ACCOUNTING, OR QUANTITATIVE SKILLS IN YOUR CURRENT POSITION: I certainly use a diverse set of skills in that I do both quantitative analysis and research as well as qualitative research.

HOW ARE YOU USING YOUR LIBERAL ARTS BACKGROUND: I’ve been able to be successful at three different companies in three very different roles. I think having experience and a baseline understanding across a lot of different areas has helped me be more comfortable and succeed.

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR CURRENT STUDENTS: Take risks, be open to classes you’re not so sure about taking. Really lean in to the liberal arts education; it’s a huge benefit post-Wartburg.  

WHAT DO YOU WISH YOU WOULD HAVE KNOWN PRIOR TO GRADUATION: More tangible ways of how I would benefit from the liberal arts emphasis at Wartburg. It’s easy to pick up on this after graduation, but it may have shifted what classes I would’ve taken while at Wartburg.  

HOW DO STAY CONNECTED TO THE COLLEGE: I stay connected to the basketball program since both the head coach and assistant coach were there when I played. I also stay connected to the Department of Business Administration, Economics & Accounting by coming back to speak on panels at Homecoming as well as speaking to classes on occasion.

WHY WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE WORTH IT: It was the total package for me. On top of athletically and academically, I met my wife at Wartburg – totally worth it!