Wartburg empowered me to pursue my passion

NAME: Christina Ufer Wood 


MAJOR: Music education and music therapy 

CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Founder and clinical director, Healing Rhythms Music Therapy

WHY WARTBURG: After starting my college career elsewhere, I realized I wanted to pursue my passions of music and helping people. Wartburg was a small, liberal arts college that provided an opportunity to not only complete a degree in music therapy but also double major so I had a “back-up plan,” could pursue my passions, and still graduate in four years.

WHY WAS WARTBURG WORTH IT: My Wartburg education empowered me to pursue my passions, believe in myself while overcoming adversities, and utilize my gifts to become a successful music therapist and thriving small business owner. Because of the experiences I had at Wartburg, I was equipped to follow my dreams.

HOW ARE YOU LIVING OUT THE WARTBURG MISSION: I feel blessed to have a career path that allows me to do what I love, while also making a difference in the lives of others as a music therapist and small business owner. I strive to be the best leader of my team that I can and love empowering my employees at Healing Rhythms to be eager to learn and have a growth mindset. I am constantly humbled by the patients and families we serve at some of life’s most vulnerable moments. It is through music that we can support them on life’s journey and hope we make a difference and bring joy, even if in a small smile. I was honored to receive the Young Alumni Award this past spring for living out the Wartburg mission through a life of leadership and service as an expression of my faith and learning and am grateful I can make an impact and hopefully inspire other Wartburg grads to do the same. 

Christina Ufer Wood, Young Alumni Award winner 2018

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR CURRENT STUDENTS: Take advantage of the many opportunities at Wartburg (my favorites were May Term and Wartburg West) as you begin to write your own story of why it is Worth It and become equipped with the tools to pursue your dreams!