Wartburg taught me the importance of interdisciplinary studies

By Katie Hirv ’22

English, environmental science, and running on both the cross country and track and field teams. These have created Carina Collet’s Wartburg journey and will continue to guide her as she returns for Wartburg for a fifth year in the fall of 2021.

“I’m choosing to take advantage of the tuition-free fifth year to pursue a minor in environmental science and studies. After graduation, I intend to pursue a master’s degree in English literature with an emphasis on ecocriticism, or maybe environmental humanities, and then hopefully to pursue a Ph.D. in English literature. I would love to keep researching and start teaching English at the college level,” Collet said. The college offered the fifth-year tuition-free to all full-time students enrolled during the 2020-21 school year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Collet’s love of the English language and literature has grown during her time at Wartburg, where she has been exposed to a variety of texts and ideas through her classes.

“Wartburg has given me a strong base in English literature, but more importantly, Wartburg has taught me about the importance of interconnectedness and interdisciplinary studies.  One of the perks of a liberal arts education is that I have been able to experience classes in a variety of disciplines, and this has made me a stronger and more well-rounded student,” Collet said. “I chose Wartburg because I knew I would be challenged here. Wartburg presented many opportunities for personal, intellectual, and athletic growth.”

Collet’s involvement in athletics has molded her Wartburg experience into an incredibly unique and influential journey. During her time as a runner for the Wartburg cross country and track and field teams, Collet earned numerous awards and accolades, her most recent finishing third in the 2020 American Rivers Conference title conference race.

Carina Collet

“It is hard to overstate how much my time on the cross country and track and field teams has shaped my Wartburg experience.  The team is my support system, my social group, and often my motivation. My coaches continually emphasize that in order to perform at a high level on the track, you have to perform at a high level in the classroom. Everything you do affects everything you do, and running for Wartburg has been a big part of what I do. Thanks to Wartburg athletics, I’ve been able to travel all around the country for competitions and to meet a lot of new people,” said Collet.

Reflecting on her time at Wartburg so far and looking ahead to continuing her journey in the fall, Collet looks to the values that Wartburg has taught her to continue to learn and race toward her goals.

“Wartburg was worth it because of the people I’ve come to know and love here and the values it instilled in me — leadership, service, faith and learning.  The Wartburg community has made Wartburg worth it,” said Collet.