Knightcalling helped me learn about Wartburg 

NAME: Brian Mallia
HOMETOWN: Whittemore, Iowa 
MAJOR: American History Education and World History Education

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE WARTBURG: I chose Wartburg College because I wanted a smaller college. When I came on campus, out of all the other colleges I visited, it felt like somewhere that I was used to, and it just seemed really inviting. It felt like home, and that was something I was looking for.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR MAJOR: Ever since I was in third grade I have always been very interested in history. In high school, my history teacher took me aside and said that history was something that I was good at and something that I should pursue.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO BECOME A KNIGHTCALLER: I felt that Knightcalling would help me develop customer service skills and talk to people about some very different things. I think that it has helped me be able to create conversations with other people. It’s also helped me be able to learn a lot about Wartburg College that I probably wouldn’t have been able to learn by just attending class. I got to learn more about what people did in different decades or years here which is interesting to me.

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED AS A KNIGHT CALLER: I learned that the president used to live on campus. There used to be two Outflies, one in the Fall Term and one in the Winter Term. The students would all go to the president’s house, and if there were enough people, they would have Outfly the next day.

Brian Mallia

WHY DO YOU THINK CALLING IS IMPORTANT: I think it’s important to build that rapport and talk with alumni so that students get a deeper meaning of what the Wartburg experience is really like and what it means to other people. A lot of things haven’t changed since the founding of Wartburg. I think that it’s important to keep calling so that we can reach new people and figure out what their Wartburg experience was and keep on telling the Wartburg story, but also to get funding for the college for projects that are going on here. I think that it just benefits the college overall.

HOW HAS YOUR EXPERIENCE AS A KNIGHTCALLER PREPARED YOU FOR THE FUTURE: It has already helped me with my job back home. I’m able to have conversations with people a lot easier because I’ve learned how to talk with different kinds of people. It will also help me be able to communicate with my future students in a classroom so I can better build those relationships with students by figuring out what they like and use that in conversations.

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE MEMORIES FROM WORKING AS A KNIGHT CALLER: A lot of my memories stem around the games that we have. A lot of the trivia nights that we have, history trivia I’m good at. I remember during my first year, if we reached a certain calling goal, we would watch an episode of “The Office” or something on the projector, and it was a lot of fun. The other callers are what make the environment fun. I have built friendships with people that I probably wouldn’t be able to meet regularly, because we have such diverse backgrounds. Being a Knightcaller, you become friends with a lot of different people.