Paying it forward to the next generation of Wartburg students

NAME: Alex Buchheim
MAJOR: Journalism & Communication 
CURRENTLY: Assistant director, Wartburg College alumni and parent relations

WHY WARTBURG: I chose Wartburg largely due to family who attended before me and some of those underlying pressures of growing up and being the little kid who was going to Wartburg Homecoming. One of the main factors was the chance for experiential learning through on-campus organizations and programs like Wartburg West, which solidified my decision.

WHY DID YOU WANT TO RETURN TO WARTBURG: I was struggling to find a purpose in the work I was doing, and I was wanting and needing my work to feel impactful and purposeful. What better place to feel that than here at Wartburg College? I recognize how much investment and involvement the faculty and staff put into my career as a student, and I wanted to pay it forward to the next generations and classes of students in any way I could. 

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO MOST WHEN WORKING WITH ALUMNI AND FRIENDS OF THE COLLEGE: The passion I feel when talking with alumni and friends about campus and our great mission is so fulfilling. I can’t wait to connect alumni and friends I knew as a student with current students. That strengthens the relationship alumni have with Wartburg while showing current students’ possible paths they can take after graduation and the network of support they’re now a part of.

Alex Buchheim

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WARTBURG TRADITION: This is a loaded question because there is no right answer! If I had to pick one, it would be Outfly. Places all over the country have traditions similar to Homecoming & Family Weekend or RICE Day. Outfly is totally us, totally our own, and feels very Wartburg-y in the best ways possible. It should honestly be a nationally recognized holiday for all Wartburg alumni — we’ll work on that during my time here.

WHY WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE WORTH IT: My experience was worth it because I was set up from the start to succeed. The different roles and jobs I had ultimately set me up for my current role as assistant director of alumni and parent relations. It’s a full-circle moment to be working in the office where I had my first student job on campus five years ago, and I feel very blessed and energized to be a catalyst for new students I meet!