Most states require Certified Public Accountant candidates to complete 150 semester hours of college-level education. At Wartburg, students can complete 150 semester hours in four years instead of five or six as compared to other higher education institutions.

Wartburg’s program allows students to avoid extra tuition expenses and enables them to start their career one year sooner than accounting graduates at other colleges. To reach 150 credit hours, students can take up to four summer classes and make judicious use of added courses during regular semesters.

With ten electives, students have the opportunity to focus their studies on other areas of interest, pursue an additional major or minor, and complete internships.

Accounting Scholars Program

Recognizing that summer employment helps many students finance college, Wartburg College will award summer school tuition scholarships for up to four classes, the summer after the second academic year. Students must have been accepted into the Accounting Scholars Program and courses must be taken through Wartburg.

Applicants for the program must meet the current requirements for a Wartburg College Presidential Scholarship including ACT composite of 23 or higher, top 25 percent high school class rank and high school GPA of at least 3.5. To remain eligible for the program, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA through Winter Term of their second year with the completion of at least 17 course credits.

To apply, contact Professor Justin Crouse during your first three semesters at Wartburg College.

Business Department Fast Facts

More than 80 percent of the college’s business administration, accounting and economics majors complete at least one internship or field experience before graduating.

Wartburg offers a wider variety of business courses (more than 50) than many larger private colleges.

The accounting program is designed to help students complete the 150 credit hours required for the Certified Public Accountant license in four years instead of five or six as compared to other colleges and universities.

Nearly all students graduate in four years.

Students participate with hands-on projects and work with real clients.

Thirty-nine scholarships are awarded to business, accounting, and economics students beyond the Regents and Presidential awards.

The department’s partnerships with the Institute for Leadership Education allows students to develop their management skills.

Students invest the dividends and interest from a portfolio that has earned as much as $2 million in assets through the Portfolio Management Course.

Alumni Outcomes

Sample of Alumni Positions from the Past Five Years:

  • Sales Executive, Midwest Heritage Bank, Des Moines
  • Marketing and Box Office Manager, U.S. Cellular Center, Cedar Rapids
  • Territory Manager, Hormel Foods, Lebanon, N.J.
  • Marketing Associate, Bolide Technology Group, San Dimas, Calif.
  • Staff Auditor, Deloitte & Touche, LLP, Minneapolis, Minn.
  • Accountant, Dan Deery Motors, Cedar Falls

Sample Stand-out Alumni Positions:

  • Chairman and CEO, American Family Insurance, Madison, Wis.
  • Operations Analyst, World Bank, Washington, D.C.
  • President, Merit Contracting, Rochester, Minn.
  • CEO, Project Brilliant, LLC, Indianapolis, Ind.
  • National Sales Operations Manager for Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC

Sample of Alumni Positions from the Past 10 Years:

  • Vice President, Department Manager, Wells Fargo, West Des Moines
  • Human Resources Recruiter, The University of Kansas Hospital, Kansas City
  • Pharmaceutical Sales, Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, Wilmington, Del.
  • Production Supervisor, Kraft, Davenport
  • Procurement Coordinator, Mayo Clinic Finance Dept. of Materials, Rochester, Minn.
  • Investment Accountant, Principal Financial Group, Des Moines
  • Attorney, Bryan Cave LLP, Chicago, Ill.


The Whitehouse Business Center houses the Business Administration, Accounting & Economics Department.

Students gain hands-on experience and real world experience. WORTH IT.



Justin Crouse

Associate Professor of Accounting

Amy Pilcher

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Eric Sommermeyer

Assistant Professor of Accounting