The 2021 Wartburg College V-Day Campaign will open with a virtual silent auction open through Wednesday, March 17.

The auction can be found at and items are on display in the Saemann Student Center on the Wartburg campus. Proceeds from the auction are donated to the Cedar Valley Friends of the Family.

V-Day Wartburg has been an officially recognized student organization for 15 years. The organization’s work is grounded in four core beliefs:

• Art has the power to transform consciousness and inspire people to act;
• Lasting social and cultural change is spread by ordinary people doing extra ordinary things;
• Local women best know what their communities need and can become unstoppable leaders;
• One must look at the intersection of race, class and gender to understand gender-based violence.

For more information about V-Day Wartburg follow them on social media at and

V-Day is a global movement to end gender-based violence, and activists look at the intersection of class, race, gender, war, environmental destruction and many other things to understand the systemic violence that people face.