Hannah Cox

Wartburg College students can learn more about identity theft during the next financial literacy session.

“We will be discussing how to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft and action to take if you do become a victim,” said financial aid counselor Erin Amsberry.

The session — the third in a series of four — will be Tuesday, Nov. 8, 11:30 a.m., in WBC 212 (Buckmaster).

Previously, Amsberry discussed using credit cards and achieving financial goals while in school and after graduation.

She urged students to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards, understand alternatives like debit cards and be smart consumers.

“Be very, very conservative and try to use them when it’s only absolutely necessary and be prepared to pay it off when the bill comes,” she said.

A lot of students accumulate debt in college, and Amsberry said paying the balance off in full will save you a lot in interest rather than paying the minimum balance.

She advised students to be particularly careful with some credit cards.

“Stay away from store credit cards, even though you can get a discount,” she said. “The interest is a lot higher than a regular credit card if you don’t pay.”

The final financial literacy session will be Dec. 6 on budgeting.