“Gunshots” will be fired somewhere on the Wartburg College campus at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, and the “walking wounded” will be seen seeking assistance.

The gunshots from a starter’s pistol will be part of a required higher education emergency simulation that will be coordinated with the Waverly Police Department and Bremer County Emergency Management. Monitors also will be in place to ensure safety.

Two notifications will be sent from WartburgAlert, the college’s emergency system to announce the start of the exercise and its conclusion.

If you have not registered yet with WartburgAlert, do so by going to info.wartburg.edu, log in and go to the Safety tab, then WartburgAlert tab and enroll your phone numbers and email to be notified. 

Because of a change in WartburgAlert providers in June, if you were enrolled earlier and have not re-enrolled, you will have to enroll again.