Nicholas Arp, Nick

Scholars Program catalyst for personal, academic growth

NAME: Nick Arp 


HOMETOWN: Eldridge 

MAJOR: Biochemistry

INVOLVEMENT ON CAMPUS:  Dance, Marathon, Supplemental Instructor, Orientation leader, Chemistry Club, Phi Eta Sigma, Baldwin Leadership Fellow, Academic and Civically Engaged Scientists Program, Service Trips, Ambassador, and Admissions Office student-employee

WHAT ARE YOUR ASPIRATIONS AFTER GRADUATION:  After my four years at Wartburg College, I plan to attend medical school in hopes of becoming a physician. I am still exploring various fields of medicine that are possible careers choices.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE WARTBURG: I chose Wartburg College because of its well-known biology and chemistry departments. The programs are rigorous and prepare its students for graduate and professional schools. In addition, I enjoyed the small campus feel and the sense of community that Wartburg College emitted when I visited campus. The faculty and staff are here to help us succeed!

Nick Arp Dance Marathon

Nick’s Scholarship Day remarks 

I found my passion, I reaffirmed my aspirations, and I established a solid foundation of friends and, I can happily say, family at Wartburg College.  READ MORE

HOW HAS THE SCHOLARS PROGRAM ENHANCED YOUR EXPERIENCE OR INFLUENCED YOU: The Scholars Program was a catalyst for personal and academic growth. In SCH 101, I learned how to write, read, and have a scholarly discussion. In addition, the Scholars Program has given me a group of friends that I can count on to help me out when I need it. The various social events and first-year living-learning community throughout the year built a great scholar bonding and morale.

WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU NEVER IMAGINED YOU WOULD DO BEFORE COMING TO WARTBURG: During my college search, I never anticipated that I would be given the opportunity to study abroad. In May Term 2016, I traveled to Costa Rica and lived with a host family as a requirement for a Spanish minor. This May Term abroad provided me the opportunity to get a feel of living abroad and learn about a different culture in this diverse world.

HOW DOES THE SCHOLARS PROGRAM HELP YOU LIVE OUT THE WARTBURG MISSION: The Scholars Program is developed to grow Wartburg Scholars in all areas of the Wartburg mission. Through the program, I developed a year-long service project in collaboration with A.C.E.S. (service), created scholar contract courses within my schedule to go beyond the minimum requirements and develop a project with a faculty member (learning), was encouraged to take on leadership positions in clubs and student organizations on campus (leadership), and I was provided a group of peers that can be a community to discuss a variety of topics, ranging from current events to our faith.