Wartburg West Summer
Internship Programs

Wartburg West accepts applications from students who would like a summer internship in the urban setting of Denver and have completed their third or fourth year of study at Wartburg. Internships are arranged and supervised by the Wartburg West directors, and students are required to live in the college-owned housing in Denver.

It is possible for these summer internships to begin during May Term, depending on the availability of apartment space. Otherwise, summer internships begin the first full week of June and finish the end of July (8 weeks).

Students may apply for either one or two credits for summer internships, depending on the number of hours involved in the internship and the tuition charge. Internships may be part-time or full-time. The minimum number of work hours is 140 hours per credit; HOWEVER, DUE TO THE SHORT TIME PERIOD FOR SUMMER, ALL SUMMER STUDENTS MUST COMMIT TO WORKING A MINIMUM OF 3 DAYS PER WEEK REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF CREDITS EARNED. Tuition is paid at the summer school rate, which is lower than the rate during the academic year.

Wartburg West directors cannot guarantee a paid internship and will not seek out internships on the basis of compensation. Many of the best placements are unpaid. Summer students may take part-time jobs to earn extra money for living expenses.

You pay the same tuition as an on-campus student. Your housing cost, which you pay to Wartburg, is about the same as on-campus housing.

Food costs will vary greatly depending on shopping and eating habits. You can cook all your meals in your apartment if you choose. Food costs are probably no more than a meal plan at Wartburg unless you eat out a lot, which is certainly a possibility with all the wonderful restaurants in Denver.

You are responsible for arranging and paying for your own transportation to and from Denver. Transportation costs in Denver vary, depending on how you get to work and how much you travel on your own time. Check www.rtd-denver.com for current information on fares for Denver’s public transportation system; costs for students with cars will depend on amount driven and costs for parking.

The Wartburg West program fee is $100. Financial aid applies to Wartburg West expenses in the same manner as a term on campus.