Wartburg West Participants

Field Experience for Certification in Education or Social Work
Students receive full-time academic credit for the field experience plus whatever seminar their department requires. The supervision and seminar instruction are provided by adjunct faculty contracted by the college for this purpose. Students also take a 1/2 credit course, Urban Lifestyles, taught by the program directors, which meets weekly and includes the other Wartburg West students.

Internships in Fields other than Education or Social Work
Students work in their internships three days per week and receive two credits. In addition, they take a one-credit course that fulfills an Interdisciplinary (ID) requirement, and a another one-credit course that fulfills a Faith and Reflection requirement (see course descriptions here).

Winter Term 2015


Alison Schuetz – Armada Medical Marketing

Angelo Denubbila – Comedy Works Business Office

David Logan –Field Squared Technology Company

Elizabeth Jewitt - Denver Center for Performing Arts Communications Dept

Katherine Bender: O’Brien Advertising

Lauren Rieck ; Society of Bariatric Physicians

Rachael Wauer : Manor Care Physical Therapy Dept 

Samantha Wipperman:  Byers-Evans Museum


Ellise Parker/El Ed  Lincoln Elementary and Tennyson Knolls Elementary

Felicia Finley/El Ed&middle   Place Bridge Academy and AXL Academy

Social Work:

Hilleary Reinhardt/SW&spanish :Together Colorado Community Organizing

Jenna Vogen/SW : Mt St Vincent Children’s Home

Kelsey Smith/SW : Skinner Middle School Counseling Dept

Malindi Van Sant/SW :  Lutheran Refugee Services

Mercedes Chambers/SW : Rocky Mt Human Services w/ Veterans

Rachel Krug/SW : Mt Vista Long Term Care 

Tyler Salzwedel/SW : African Community Center