Wartburg West Application Process

Rolling enrollment
Applications will be accepted in hard copy only between Sept. 9 and Feb. 19 for third- and fourth-year students. The sophomore program deadline is March 9.  Please hand deliver all complete application materials to Jo Dorrance, Wartburg West Campus Liaison, Student Life #184.  No incomplete application packets will be accepted.  If more than 20 students apply for any given term, a wait list will be created in case of attrition.

Application Packet - Return all documents to the Center for Community Engagement

Applications will be reviewed every week and students will be notified whether they are accepted into the program.  Upon acceptance, all students will be asked to sign a commitment form. At that time the program fee will be charged to their student account.

Summer applicants must have third year status before they arrive in Denver.

When should I start planning for Wartburg West?
This depends a lot on your major. Some majors require more advance planning than others. Talk to your adviser as soon as you start thinking about Wartburg West. Many students start planning to participate in Wartburg West during their first year.

Participation Requirements
You must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, overall and in your major. Sophomore program participants must have a GPA of 3.0 for their fall semester.