Wartburg Chapel

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The Wartburg Chapel serves as a campus worship center. Campus ministry programs are housed in the Hub of Saemann Student Center. A Campus Ministry Suite houses the offices of the college pastors, the director of church relations, and campus ministry and is located on the building's skyway level. Click here for an MP3 audio clip of the Wartburg choir in the chapel.

The chapel organ has 31 ranks and a total of 1,771 pipes playable from two manuals and pedal. Like the chapel, which takes its inspiration from the architecture of German parish churches, the organ's tonal character was inspired by the old German Baroque organs.

Wedding Guidelines
Use of the Wartburg Chapel for weddings is restricted to Wartburg students, alumni, current Board of Regents members, and current faculty, staff and their immediate families. To be considered an alum of Wartburg College, you must be a degree-seeking student that has attended classes fulltime at Wartburg for at least one year.

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