College Achievement Program

You will benefit from an upper-class student's experiences by discussing and learning about things like:

  • transitioning to college
  • time management skills
  • test preparation techniques
  • note-taking, self-motivation
  • goal-setting
  • financial management
  • stress reduction
  • choosing a major
  • and Wartburg support services

CAP protégé Application
Mentor Application Form
Returning Mentor Application (PDF)


Plus, you will enjoy social time with a small group of other first-year students and their mentors. As a CAP protégé you will work with mentors, returning Wartburg students that complete a mentor training program, to identify and learn strategies to help you reach your goals. You will meet once per week, either individually or as a small group.

For more information contact TJ Warren at 319-352-8615..

2012-13 Participant Quotes:

“CAP made me feel more comfortable about my transition into college life.”

“My mentor did a great job of making me feel comfortable around her and I liked that I could tell her if I was having any troubles with school, etc.  She also gave me good tips on how to succeed.”

“I loved having a mentor I could go to for anything.  She was more than helpful when I had questions.”

”I learned about many services on campus, as well as what is available to go to/participate in especially in the future.”

“Being a part of CAP has given me the opportunity to meet people I would not normally talk to, and that’s a cool feeling!”

“Talking with my mentor was great.  She did a personality evaluation activity for each of us, and I learned so much about myself!  She gave me tips about procrastination and time management which were also very helpful.”

“I gained a friend and I gained a person that I can confide in even after this program.   In some ways, I feel like I gained a brother.”

“I have learned how to better balance my time.  Also, it was invaluable to have someone to see for advice.”