Cans for a Cause
Cans for a CauseCans for a cause is a program that gives student organizations around Wartburg College an opportunity to help with campus sustainability while earning money for their organization.  Student groups volunteer to collect redeemable cans from around campus, in return the student organization will receive the deposits from the cans.

When does collection occur?
  • Currently, collection is set to occur on Sunday nights.
How many volunteers do we need to have  available?
  • At minimum you will need 2 trained volunteers at each night of collection. The more volunteers you can provide the quicker the collection goes!
When do we get our money?
  • There is a delay in time from when you collect to when you get paid. Money will be deposited in to your student account the month after collection occurs.
On average how much does a student group make?
  • Depending on the time of year student groups can expect to around $100. If you help collect/sort cans at the end of a semester prior to break, you can expect to make $150-200+
How does our student organization get involved?
  • Email with the month you are interested in collecting. Attend a training, and start earning money!