Templeton Technology & Religion Project

In 2010 Wartburg College received a grant from the John Templeton Foundation to fund discussion and research about the relationship and interaction between technology and religion/the human spirit. The thematic range for research sponsored by the grant includes the complex relationships between technology, the natural world, and human identity or spirit; the relationship between science and religion as well as the philosophy of technology; and the interdisciplinary study of technology, including philosophies about technological progress, theories of human selfhood found in literature, psychology, and the humanities, and contemporary theories on environmental protection proposed by political scientists, theologians, and natural scientists.

Undergraduate Research
Part of the grant is devoted to supporting undergraduate research. The Wartburg-Templeton initiative is offering up to $2,500 to support summer research focused on a topic relevant to the grant.

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2010-11 Paper Competition:  Interaction of Technology, Religion/the Human Spirit

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Paper Competition Winners Announced for 2010-2011
Wartburg’s faculty collaboration on the theme of Technology and Religion/the Human Spirit sponsored by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the 2010-2011 undergraduate paper competition. First place honors go to Andrew R McHugh of Westminster College in Missouri for his paper "Technology and the Human Spirit: A Philosophical, Historical, and Physical Exploration of the Human Spirit." Second place honors were awarded to MichaelRadzwilla, Ithaca College in New York for his paper “I-Thou: An Application of Feuerbach to Virtual Reality.” Third place honors went to Matisse Murray of Bethel University in Minnesota for her paper entitled "Carbon versus Silicon; The Question Regarding Android Rights.” You can read the three winning papers by clicking the highlighted links. The first, second and third place winners received cash awards of $750, $500, $250, respectively. Congratulations to our three winners and best wishes to each. The competition will be held again in 2011-2012. We encourage undergraduates both here and abroad to consider submitting a paper related to the theme of our collaboration. Check this webpage for an announcement of the competition in the winter of 2012.

Paper Competition Winners Announced for 2009-2010
Wartburg’s Metanexus-sponsored faculty collaboration is pleased to announce the winners of the 2009-2010 paper competition. First place honors go to Ms. Elaine Ayers of the University of Wisconsin, Madison for her paper “The Human Nature of the Time Traveler: Issues of Modernity in The Time Machine and The Time Traveler’s Wife.” Second place honors were awarded to Ms. Sage Schissel of Wartburg College for her paper “The Placebo Effect: Is God a Coping Mechanism Designed By Evolution?” The first-place award given to Ms. Ayers was $1000; the second place award given to Ms. Schissel was $500. The committee congratulates both winners and encourages them to continue their academic interest in issues of human identity and technology.