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Sustainability is increasingly woven throughout Wartburg experience. It can be found in different educational arenas across campus, in nearly every discipline, including an IS 101 course in sustainability. Sustainability is not just part of science anymore, it is about life! Student Senate continues to work diligently toward environmental sustainability, and student organizations continue to hold events that focus on sustainability.

Throughout the year there are events and organizations to join which will enhance your sustainable living experience. Check out of events page for those details. Sustainability related student groups currently include EARTH, Students for Peace and Justice, TOMS club, Manna, Garden Coalition, and Vegetarian Ethics.

You are only here four years, get involved and make the most of your time.

In the Curriculum

Environmental Studies Minor
The environmental studies minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to enhance student understanding of the importance of integrating scientific, political, ethical and economic knowledge and values necessary to address issues facing humankind and its role in maintaining the natural environment.
See courses to take to achieve minor.

Peace and Justice Major/Minor
Peace and Justice Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare students for vocations that seek to establish peace and justice among individuals, communities and nations. The major is ideal for those interested in work with non-governmental organizations such as PeaceCorps, AmeriCorps and Amnesty International or church-related organizations such as Lutheran World Relief, Catholic Worker Movement or American Friends Service Committee. In addition, as second major or minor, the program provides knowledge and skills useful to those entering vocations in religion, law, environmental protection, politics, diplomacy, journalism, social entrepreneurship, social work and international relations.
See courses to take to achieve major/minor.

Internships are also available with the sustainability department. Past interns came from sciences, mathematics, and communications, but it is not limited there.

Environmental Activists Reaching Toward Humanity, is a student-run organization dedicated to creating a green and sustainable campus. Throughout the year, they sponsor several activities and events to raise environmental awareness in the Wartburg and Waverly communities. They hope to connect with local and national organizations so efforts can be felt on a larger scale, and continue with educational efforts to encourage Wartburg students to make the world a greener place during school and after graduation.

President: Erin Seymour
Advisors: Dr. David McCullough & Anne Duncan

Energy and Environmental Sustainability Initiative: EESI
The Energy and Environmental Sustainability Initiative (EESI) was announced Spring 2007 under the direction of President Ohle to act as an advisory board on energy and sustainability related issues on the Wartburg campus. Members of EESI voluntarily serve on the committee and commit to attending approximately 10 regular meetings a year and serve on subcommittees to execute tasks throughout the school year.

EESI mission statement
Wartburg College is committed to enhancing development of a community fostering environmental stewardship to ensure local and global sustainability.

Since its inception the committee has been critical in developing the sustainability department and positions, enhancing recycling programs on campus and promoting their usage as well as promoting sustainable efforts.

Members include:
Dr. David McCullough, Chair (faculty)
Anne Duncan (Sustainability Coordinator)
Margaret Empie (Director of Dining Service)
Dr. Tammy Faux (faculty)
Dr. Johanna Foster (faculty)
Gary Grace (VP of Administration)
Eric Leong (Staff)
Susan Lenius (Staff)
Saul Shapiro (Marketing Account Exec.)
John Wuertz (Director of Physical Plant)
EARTH representative
Student Senate representative

If you are a member of the Wartburg community, as Student, faculty, staff or alumni and wish to be involved with EESI please e-mail

Sustainability Suites
Have you seen activities on campus you want to improve? Is there a waste you know you can improve? Do you want to help with or improve current sustainability programs like recycling? Here is your chance to live green, be a huge part of campus sustainability and live with 7 of your friends in The Residence.
For the 2012-2013 school year up to two service suites in The Residence will be set aside for suites with a sustainability focused service project.

A good competitive application can either be perpetuation of an existing program, an improvement of an existing program or the development and implementation of a new program. New programs need to identify how the program will be sustainable after your suite has moved on. If you would like to apply but want some help with ideas please contact Wartburg’s Sustainability Coordinator, Anne Duncan, at 319-352-8536 or

Visit the Residential Life webpage for deadlines and details as they are posted.