Castle Singers Recordings:
Castle Singers and Knightliters 2003
03 CD Cover
1. Melancholy Baby
arr. Phil Mattson
arr. Bob Chilcot
3. St. Louis Blues
arr. Kirby Shaw
4. Pick Yourself Up
arr. Phil Mattson
5. Unchained Melody
Peter Taylor
6. Operator
arr. Kirby Shaw
7. I Believe
Robert Ray
8. Holy, Holy
Robert Ray
9. Agnus Dei
Robert Ray
arr. Kirby Shaw
11. September Song
arr. Phil Mattson
12. Come Fly with Me
arr. George W. Yasinitsky
13. Shout to the Lord
arr. Jody Bonorden and Angela Neve
14. Vine Street Rumble
Bennie Carter
15. Archie's Back
arr. Rich Matteson
16. I Left My Heart in San Francisco
arr. Billy Byers
17. Signifyin'
arr. Jeff Sturgess
arr. John Berry
19. I Can't Stop Lovin' You
Count Basie Library
20. Nancy's Dream
Bob Lowden
arr. Gordon Goodwin